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Paging lilly.hatake - RESOLVED

Apr 6, 2009

    1. I'm currently having a communication problem with member lilly.hatake
      She purchased a Senior Delf Ethan head on layaway from me on the 2nd of February.

      She stating to me she only needed a month layaway for the head I told her that was fine so we started the layaway and everything was going well she sent me another payment for the head on the 10th of February and then I didn't here from her for a couple weeks.

      I messaged her on the 2nd of March asking her how the layaway payments were coming along because the layaway period would be up very soon and I hadn't heard from her for a couple weeks. She messaged me back straight away saying she was having some difficulties and she would send me a payment in a week because she was being payed that week.

      I haven't heard anything from her since then I've sent her 2 messages weeks ago saying that I have no problem extending the layaway for her I just need to know how much more time she needs because I am moving soon and would like the head payed and shipped off to her before I moved.

      So please Lehannah if you read this thread could you send me a message letting me know what is happening with the layaway payments I just want to send your head to you as soon as possible. I can't extend the layaway for too much longer because I have alot of things going on so I would like this sorted out as soon as possible.

      Thankyou ^^
    2. shinigaminojutsu ~ lilly.hatake was last on the board yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with contact.
    3. Just letting the mods know this has been resolved lily.hatake has paid the SDF Ethan head off and I have posted it out to her!

      Thankyou ^^