Paging lisadragon (Important, change of address.) - RESOLVED

Sep 13, 2010

    1. I'm sorry to to this to you, but the tracking number you've sent me does not work and I will be moving later this week.:sweat

      So If you can send me the correct tracking number. That way, I can re-direct it to my new address that would be fine and dandy. :)

      Last Pm you sent me was sent on: 09-07-2010

      Please please, I'm very nervous about when the doll will arrive at my old address since there will be one-one there to pick him up.
    2. lisadragon was last on the forum 10SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    3. hey, i was away for Eid celebrations.
      However I did send your boy on 7 Sept and the tracking no is correct but it doesnt work for me either. i'll call the post office and hopefully its already arrived since its been 1 week.
      Will update later..
    4. Alright, Ok.

      Sorry about this, I hope that you can find some information, I'll keep an eye on my inbox for him. I usually get things from the US within a week. but overseas packages might take a day or so longer.
    5. I called the post office and they said the package left Brunei 9/9 and went to Hong Kong instead of Singapore (i usually get updates after it passes through Singapore). Since 11 and 12 was weekend, maybe it was processed monday 13th.. I'm not sure why there's no updates (i tried checking at Hong Kong's website already).

      I will keep checking on my end, hoping he is already flying to Canada as we speak..
    6. Yay! The tracking number works now! It says the package is in Canada!

      2010/09/1417:11VANCOUVERItem was released by Customs and is now with Canada Post for processing
      Uhm, it looks like this was the first time it was scanned or something, oh well

      Mark this as resolved, I'm good now. :D

      ...and I'm so sorry lisadragon for troubling you. :sweat