Resolved Paging lisadragon - RESOLVED

May 21, 2011

    1. I don't want to do this, but I haven't heard back from lisadragon since 4/27. I purchased a MiniFee A line body off of her on layaway. I sent the last payment on the 5/11 and haven't heard back from her. I emailed her and have sent her a pm on 5/11, 5/16 and 5/19. Communication had been awesome until 4/27.

      I'm worried something may have happened since everything was good till 4/27. If Mods need anymore info let me know.
    2. lisadragon was last on the forum 15MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I am also joining this page in order to page lisadragon.
      Lisa was very good about messaging me often when I had questions about the item, and I purchased a minifee vampire chloe elf head from her on 4/24. I last heard from her on 4/25 where she told me she would let me know when she sent the mnf head in the mail, and I haven't heard from her since.
      I sent a message to her on 5/16 asking when she mailed the item, but I haven't heard from her yet.

      I hope this is all a misunderstanding and I hope she's doing okay, but I'm very concerned about my item as of right now! I purchased it a month a go and she's disappeared :(
    4. I PM'ed her again yesterday and nothing yet.
    5. I looked on her blog and such to see if there were any messages about extended absences and what not.
      I did find that she's fairly active on twitter, probably through a cellphone. She seems fine.
    6. I wrote lisadragon on twitter, asking about our items. This is what I wrote:
      "@lisadragon Pockets and I were wondering when you shipped our items. Everything going okay for you? We got worried when you disappeared."

      An hour later she replied with this:
      "@pigsamurai hey I actually just found out my sis didn't send the packages, am currently busy w office nd wedding prep, will get to it soon!"

      So, hopefully we can get it all straightened out :) I was happy to see some correspondence <3 We'll see what happens next.
    7. hi queedie and pockets! thank you for letting me know about the paging. I'm so extremely sorry about the delay!

      Just some explanation about the delay .. :(

      In April I came back from the Singapore trip and spent some time to sell stuff, but then my bosses tasked me to finish reports & on top of that handling corporatization of a govt dept AND preparations for getting married sometime in Sept. I've just been overwhelmed with everything!

      Please be patient while I sort this out and send the packages by this week. I'll PM everyone with tracking numbers then. If I have time, I will respond to PMs hopefully later or tomorrow. Again please accept my apologies..
    8. I'm glad you're okay D8 We got worried because you just kinda disappeared :o
      I'll be waiting for your pm :D :D <3 thank you for the message and letting us know you're fine and sorting everything out <3
    9. I'm glad you're okay too! I was worried as well. I will also be awaiting your PM. Glad you're okay!
    10. I just wanted to add I'm also waiting for a package from Lisa, haven't had a reply since 26th of April.
    11. OK this is getting rather ridiculous.
      I purchased the VE Chloe head on 4/24 and it is now 6/1.
      Lisa, I understand you have real life obligations with your job and planning your wedding, but it does not take 6 weeks to pack an item, go to the post office, and ship it. I have yet to hear from you in this thread, via twitter, or even via pm and sending the packages "by this week" was a week ago.

      I would much rather wait for you to send me the mnf head because I like the VE Chloe very much, but if you have no intentions of doing so, then I want my money back. I can use it to purchase from someone who takes these things a little more seriously. I apologize if I am being rude, but you've worn out my patience.
    12. lisadragon has not returned to the forum since 25MAY.
    13. Thanks Zagzagael for the update. Still no update from her either on my end and I PMed her on Monday.

      I'm in the same boat as Queedie2. I would really like my body, but if that's not something that's gonna happen I would like my money back at least. I'm a rather patient person, but it's being sorely tried.
    14. I'll be sending them all tomorrow, I know I can't explain why its taking so long but believe me its just getting crazy and I dont need this extra stress. I will have them all out tmrw, please wait for my PMs with tracking no.
    15. Again I apologize for the extreme delay. I am really sorry for making you wait :(
    16. Thank you for responding Lisa, I'll be waiting for your pm
    17. Thank you from my end too Lisa!
    18. Still waiting... :/
    19. All packages has been shipped to Pockets, Queedie and icantdance. Please check your PMs for tracking no. It might only work after 2 days, but all packages has been sent via EMS so it should be there within 1 week.

      Thanks and many apologies again for the extreme extreme delay :( Pls feel free to email me at if there's anything as that's the email I check everyday.
    20. oh yaay <3 8DDD
      I got my tracking number in my PM ^^ I will be excitedly watching it lol.
      Thank you for shipping my item, Lisa. <3 <3