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Paging lisadragon!

Jun 22, 2007

    1. Okie dokies, I purchased an AR Little Fair Boy Body from lisadragon. The payment is complete, but I haven't heard from her in a little over a week. Does anyone know where she is, or if she's okay? Thanks, let me know! :(

    2. hi

      I cannot really answer you if she is ok as I am asking myself the same question!
      I sent her a minifee boy body, and I did not get any news from her, I pm ed her but no answer, it is quite starnge because she used to answer me promptly!!
      If somebody has infos, please write here!!
    3. She messaged me like two weeks ago about work or something so, and said she was going to send the body I'd bought in a few days. I must've pmed three, maybe four or five times after that. Asking if she's sent the body yet, but no word again. I have no idea where she is, or more importantly, where my little boy body is. :(

      I hope she sends him soon...
    4. hi

      I sent her a package so I have her adress , pm me if you need it!
      she lives in Brunei (near Malaysia).
      I bought her a doll 1 or 2 months ago, she sent her very fastly so I am very surprised why she did not answer you and me too! I also mailed her 2 weeks ago but no reply.
      I do not know what's happen!
    5. It doesn't seem like she's been on in a few weeks. Have you tried emailing her?
    6. Emailed her, no answer yet. *le sigh*

    7. It's been almost a month since she's been paid in full and still nothing. I don't want to have to report her to paypal, but I don't know what else to do.

      Can anyone please help me? What should I do? :(

    8. It would be best to file a claim with paypal since it has been a month already and there is a time frame in which you have to file it. When she does contact you, you can resend her your payment etc.
    9. definitely file your claim while you still can. She cannot be mad at you as she has not contacted you.
    10. Chu, I just wish this all didn't have to be so hard. It's driving me crazy! :...( Does paypal give you a lot of trouble when filing for a reimbursement? :(

    11. No. They will side with you. But do it now. Once the time's up, they really won't help you.
    12. Thank you everyone for all your help. I really do appreciate the advice! I emailed her saying I'd give her 'til Saturday to reply, but if I don't hear from her then I'll report to paypal finally on Sunday morning.

    13. Alright, so I've opened a dispute on paypal and paypal says I have twenty calender days in which to end it. Does that add on an extension to the month that has already past?

    14. Yes. Inform Lisadragon via all the ways you know how that you've opened a dispute. I believe disputes freeze one's account if you have a personal account, so that should get her attention.

      PayPal's FAQ, I'm sure, can tell you all you need to know about the dispute process! :)
    15. Yay! Case closed and I'm receiving a refund from her! Though she emailed me and said she has mailed off the body now; so I'll resend her the payment. Woo~ :sweat

    16. I would recommend you don't re-send payment until you receive the body, just to be sure.
    17. Seconding this.