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Paging Lordjestocost - RESOLVED

Jul 19, 2008

    1. I don't like having to do this since this is the first paging thread I have had to do in this hobby, but with the lack of results or communication, I am left with little option.

      Back in February when I was running a Valentine special through my thread here on DoA, I worked out a trade with Lordjestocost. The trade was 4 different mohair wigs for a custom made outfit for my (at the time) SD Boy. I wanted an outfit similar to the one modeled on Harang at Luts but in different colors and to fit my boy's body which was different.

      I made the wigs, and they are still sitting here. I purchased the fabric and sent it off. Now mind you, I wanted something "princely" so I bought really expensive asian brocade at over $20/yard. I sent it out in good faith since I saw excellent feedback and references of his work.

      It was agreed that when the patterning was done he would send me photos so that I could approve the work or not. I let him know to take his time because good work takes time. There is a limit to my patience though... It is now July and I have yet to receive ANY photos. I was in touch in the hopes that I would get some communication and the last communication I got was some time ago saying that he had suffered some health issues. He said he would send me some photos by that weekend so that I could see the outfit.

      I have had health issue myself and I am understanding. I just wish I could get some communication. I have sent PMs with no response and quite frankly, I am wondering if I am ever going to see this outfit or the fabric again. I have four wigs here that were made especially for him the same week that the trade was agreed to and they are STILL sitting in my storage totes waiting to ship when I have some results.

      Lordjestocost, if you can please get in touch with me, send me some photos, ANYTHING to show that this transaction is going to either be completed or canceled, I would appreciate it. If you want to cancel our trade, just say so. I am not going to be mad, but I would at least like the fabric back so that I can either try to make the outfit myself or send it off to somebody who can do so. It has been 5 months now, I would really like to finish this already.
    2. I forgot to add this and there is no edit button, so I have to add in a second message.

      I also have PMed a recent customer of this commissioner and they commissioned something after me and received it in the time that I have not gotten anything. They said that their commission took a couple of weeks, but nothing like what I have waited.
    3. I've been not been online for the last day or so, and I see you sent me a PM two days ago. I've answered, and I'll take care of this.
    4. We have been in contact after the paging thread was posted. I will keep this updated and hopefully be able to close it soon.
    5. Transaction has been completed successfully and I am very happy. This thread can now be closed.