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Unresolved Paging Lordjestocost - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jan 27, 2010

    1. I commissioned Lordjestocost back in June 23rd 2009.

      I payed him half of the commission then and the other half a month later, on July 22nd 2009.

      First payment was for $80 and the second was for $93 plus $5 shipping bringing it to a total of $178.

      He told me it would be a few weeks until he finished. after that he has been telling me one excuse after another for months.

      It has officially been 7 months and I would like my outfit or a full refund of the money I paid him.

      I would like Preview pictures of the outfit first before he sends it!!!!!! Or a refund in full.

      I do not want it to show up on my doorstep randomly. I know he has a history of doing that a few times.

      I want this to come to a close the next two weeks possibly. I'm tired of waiting.
    2. The last time I spoke to Lordjestocost was yesterday on 01-26-2010 at 01:00 pm. I contacted her about a cosplay outfit from back in August that I have STILL not received. I have paid her $250 for it T_T

      I am SO very worried about my commission at this point.
    3. Lordjestocost was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. I'm in the same situation, I commissioned Lorjestocost some clothes back in July and I'm still waiting for them.

      I have asked her lots of times about my clothes and she always give me excuses and deadlines that she never keeps. I still haven't got the pictures she promised long ago.

      I don't mind if a person needs a lot of time to sew but I don't like being lied to.

      I just want the clothes I paid for.
    5. My commission with Lordjestocost started in October; payment was sent on the 14th and I'm still waiting for something as well.
    6. i'm also waiting on my commisions from lordjestocost also. the transaction took place back in may of '09.

      it was for a t-shirt and leather jacket minus one sleeve and 1 fingerless glove.

      i mailed the fabric for the t-shirt and sent via paypal $125

      i've sent pms repeated as i've been told i'd get pictures but never got them.

      i also noticed my last pm wasn't read as i sent it with a read receipt. i'd also just like the clothes i order or my money back.
    7. Hi--

      I just got this right now, and I'll be contacting everyone to get everything resolved.
    8. i just got a pm and responded. i do hope everything is alright though lordjestocost
    9. This may not be applicable since it's not as long a time frame, but I recently commissioned a pair of pants from Lordjestocost- payment has been sent in full and I am wondering if there is an issue that will delay the receipt of the pants.

    10. No, there won't be a problem! I'm checking my PM box everyday right now, and everyone here has been contacted, so please contact me directly if possible and I'll try to deal with it as quickly as possible, thanks! If anyone wants my direct e-mail, PM me for that as well.
    11. I got a response from Lordjestocost.

      He promised me pictures of the outfit within one week.

      I will see if he holds up to his promise or not.
    12. I'm currently waiting for a response back from Lordjestocost regarding "shipment" information we have discussed as well as a promised shipment refund.

      I will post updates on this thread. I'm surprised this member has positive feedback.
    13. I'm still waiting for the pics I was promised again last weekwhen the paging thread was opened. This is the last PM I've got from Lordjestocost:

      It's Sunday and still no pictures...
    14. My package stil hasn't arrived and it was supposedly shipped on 1/12/09. I'll post more updates if any.
    15. just an update on my end, i was told my order would be finished in 2 weeks in the pm that was sent.

      i haven't been updated yet with any other information than that. but i also have a week still to wait.

      just thought i'd give an update after i got some pms about this transaction.
    16. I contacted the person to make this item for me a month ago but they have disappeared with no contact now they have the money.
    17. I haven't disappeared, and in fact sent Jubei a PM last week and just now today. I am working hard to make everyone's orders, and it's just taking time. I hope you can all be understanding of the level of detail and I just don't want to send out less than my best. There is a great deal to do at the end of any order, and you will all get your items as quickly as I possibly can, as well as any extras for the delay that we can work out after everything is done. I am working hard with the opener of this thread right now, as well as a couple of others and I have receipts for the shipment to Canada. If you want to contact me, please either send a PM to me or use my e-mail so I can get back to you as quickly as possible. I don't get updated about threads, so I don't want to miss anyone here.

      Again, I'm really working to fix this, I'm just slow, sorry guys! You will all get your items. :(
    18. Again Lordjestocost didn't do what they promised. I'm sorry but I'm tired of this.

      This are the lats PMs:

    19. Sorry, I forgot to say that the first PM is the newer one. The conversation starts with the last in the quotes.

      I have just send Lordjestocost a new PM.
    20. I just sent Maigure the first of the photos! Yesterday was Valentines, and I didn't have the time I thought I would for pictures. She will get the rest of them today.