Resolved Paging Lorentine - RESOLVED

Sep 14, 2011

    1. I have emailed you via the email you gave me for PP you the funds as well as PM you here on DOA. I understand your busy working, but you said you would mail the Iplehouse RS Aurora head this week and yet no word if you did or tracking info. I don't like it when people sell me stuff and then drop off the face of the earth with not a single word on when I will get my item. If the email you gave is only for PP you should say so and also be aware if you have sales it's vital you keep buyers informed when items will ship.

      Please let me know asap when the head will be shipping or I will be talking to my CC company as well as Paypal.
    2. Lorentine was last on the forum 10SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    3. You PMed me yesterday, you could have waited ONE day to get your tracking number before you decided to page me.

      I didn't "drop off the face of the earth", as I stated in my PM I would be very busy this last week, which mean that I cannot log in as much as I normally would. I let you know that your item would be shipped this week and that I would let you know when I shipped it. Since this week is not over yet, I see no reason for you to panic. I clearly state in my sales threads that I ship items from 1-2 weeks from payment, so if that wait is intolerable to you you should not have bought from me.

      I only use that email for PP, and I clearly state in my sales thread that I only want to be contacted by PM. It never occured to me to let you know that, I conduct all my sales here and it has never been a problem before.

      As I have sent you the tracking number I consider this transaction for complete.
    4. I have been a silly old lady on this whole matter. I forget sometimes people can't ship as fast as I can. They have jobs, I don't. They have school, I don't. I am sorry I worried about Lorentine when I saw she wasn't on DOA for a couple of days I worried she had fallen ill or worse. I know in my life there are family members who can take over anything I start on DOA where as maybe many do not. In any case my Aurora head has been shipped and I apologize to Lorentine again in worrying and esp. in panicking about this whole issue. I have been burned before on DOA and that would make any of us a bit edgy when doing a transaction with anyone who we barely know. I will keep Lorentine updated when the the head arrives and I will from now on not only read threads better but only panic when it's been longer then a few days of no word from a buyer or seller.