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Paging lovely_l - RESOLVED

Jun 22, 2008

    1. I've sent her a couple of Pm's, but she hasn't responded to any of them. I know that she has been online since I sent her my payment for a pair of boots and stockings for my doll.
    2. I sent her an email yesterday and saw that she recently has been online. But I haven't received an answer to my PMs or my email. I am starting to doubt whether I should have made this transaction.
    3. Amiko ~ Please share more information about your transaction - when? Cash or trade? Here on DoA?
    4. On 6/15, I placed and order with lovely_L wanting to purchase some boots and stockings from her sales thread in the MP. On 6/16, I got an invoice and a PM from her stating that she has my order and that she sent me the invoice. I actually had to wait a couple of days before paying her because of a screw up on my behalf; I waited for PayPal to give me some money back before I sent out more money. However, I paid her on 6/18 for my items. I promptly PM'd her, informing her that I paid and wondering how long I would have to wait for my items to be shipped. She was on the very next day, but no response. I PM'd her again 2 days later asking her for info on my items. Again, she was on that same day, but no response to my PM. So I contacted her through email, asking if everything was okay. I still haven't heard anything from her and she's basically been online everyday since I sent my payment.
    5. Yay! lovely_L has contacted me to inform me that she shipped out my items yesterday. I would like to keep this thread up until my items have arrived.
    6. Received my package today. This can be deleted now.