Unresolved Paging Luffygirl

Jul 27, 2011

    1. Hello,

      I had bought a checkered black and purple yosd hoodie for Luffygirl. I had sent the payment on 6/24 and it is 7/27 and i still have not received the hoodie. i believe at the start of the July i had messaged her asking if she had sent it and she said she forgot , that she was going the send it out right away. and still nothing....i sent her a messages 7/18 @ 3:37 and have not heard from her and the item is still up for sale on her thread.
    2. forgot to put PM for the time, also if she is not going to send it i would just like my $7 back.

      thank you, Chay
    3. Luffygirl was last on the forum 17JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    4. still no reply from her and she has been on since i posted this -_-
    5. LuffyGirl was last on the forum 6AUG.
    6. yes and i did send her a message and she never replied