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Resolved Paging Lulu222 - RESOLVED

Oct 11, 2011

    1. Lulu222 had a Dollstown Ganga for sale in june. It was the second one she was selling.
      The first one as she said, was already on layaway.
      We agreed on a layaway so on june 30th 2011 I paid a deposit of a $100,- through paypal for Dollstown Ganga to Lulu222.
      She confirmed to me she received the payment and I quote" She was now officially mine".
      I then wrote her again on july 7th wanting to discuss the face-up with her, no answer.
      On july 12 th I send her anothe pm asking if everything was fine and I could make the complete payment if she could let me know when she woud have time to finish the face-up for me, no anwser.
      I decided to leave it some time, as I thought she was a very kind person and might have some things going on in her life. Just recently I found out there were other buyers who had some trouble with getting in touch with her before.
      These last two weeks I have tried to contact her at least 5 times but she never replies. However she checks-in on doa everyday.
      I feel she betrayed my trust and patients I had with her.
      As a resolution I want my deposit of a $100,- back.
      (I kept all correspondence with her)
    2. Lulu222 was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Two days later, no respons. Has been on line after being paged..
    4. No respons from Lulu222 so far!
    5. Lulu222 was last on the forum 15OCT.
    6. Dear Tigerlily....

      Just saw all the upset.... I didn't realize you were looking for me until this very minute!!!
      I hadn't heard from you in quite a while regarding the face-up you wanted and to be completely honest... life just got so hectic that I had forgotten about Miss Ganga :0(

      Please confirm your Paypal address and I will refund your deposit ASAP if that is what you want to do. The doll is still here, however, if you still would want her.

      So sorry for the over-sight... I guess I'm just trying to do to many jobs at the same time.

      Will be sure to check for your reply. Have put a note my keyboard to remind myself!!!!!!

      Didn't mean to disappoint.... :0(


    7. Dear Tigerlilly,

      I can't seem to get a PM to you... Please contact me with a current Paypal address or updated info so we can resolve the problem :0)


    8. Oh, forgot something that might be helpful! You can send me an email directly... littleyorks@yahoo.com

    9. Trying to PM Tigerlilly.... not certain if my messages are going through....
    10. Hello Lulu,
      I got your message and responded yesterday! I will now also contact you at email provided.
      When case solved I will update this page.
      Thank you
    11. email sent! maybe your inbox at doa is full..
    12. I am adding this message as I want this communication totally transparent!
      This message was sent as pm on 10/17/2011!

      Hi Lulu,

      Thank you for responding.
      I paid the deposit on the 30th of june and asked about the face up only 7 days later(7th july).. and then again 5 days(12th july) later so there wasn't that much time in between.
      I do understand that life can get hectic and you can forget about things like dolls, and of course in the end they are just dolls :)
      Please send me my deposit back this is my paypal:
      removed for private reasons!

      As soon as I have the deposit back I will close the paging and write down that matters are solved

      Hope everything goes well for you.
    13. Lulu222 please respond to my email and solve this case..
    14. deposit refunded, I consider the case solved, thank you
    15. Thank you, Tigerlilly!