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Paging Lulu222....

Jul 2, 2007

    1. I am in the middle of selling my Seola with Lulu222. We agreed upon 2 payment installments for my Seola, I received the first payment, however the second payment has not been received. I have sent 2 emails and a PM to her account here and have received no contact since June 21.

      PLEASE get in touch with me! You were the one who contacted me about buying her, I thought you were serious about this and very interested. You suggested the price and I confirmed it, perhaps you are regretting offering the amount of money you did? Why have you stopped all contact? I can see in your profile page that you come online to DoA....(it says your last activity was today at 12:30pm). It reflects poorly on you to do this type of business.

      I would have been fine with everything if you had just told me that something came up and you can't send the second payment until so-and-so, but instead you have just refused to answer my attempts to contact you and that is very rude, I do not appreciate that at all.

      My plan is if I do not hear from you by the end of this week (July 7), I will refund you and sell my Seola in the marketplace, but I will ignore your requests to purchase her if you attempt to contact me again.
    2. Hmm ok, you said you hadn't received a reply to your last email, even though I sent my reply the same day I received that email. I then re-sent it incase gmail was being crappy, and also copied&pasted my response into a PM which I sent to you here. I haven't gotten a reply from either of those attempts.

      I am hoping that you might have added this thread to your subscribed threads so that you can see that I'm trying to contact you. However I don't want to post my personal information in a public thread, so i can't copy and paste my response to your email in here. I'll try PMing you again.