Paging MadameLecter - RESOLVED

Mar 21, 2009

    1. On March 14 I was contacted by MadameLecter about a three pair Puki grab bag. She said she needed a couple of days to pay and I agreed to wait. On March 16 her paypal arrived and her grab bag was shipped the same day. The pants are tracking as delivered on March 18.

      The problem is, some time on the evening of the 18th she filed a charge-back and her payment has been reversed. At no point did she contact me by PM or email to say she had a problem. I PM'd and emailed her immediately to ask what the cause for the charge-back was. I have not received a response and the PM is unread. She has not apparently logged into DoA since the evening of the 18th.

      I would very much like to hear from MadameLecter so that we can resolve this situation. At the very least I'd like to know why she reversed payment, particularly when she has her goods in hand.

      In the mean time, I'm going through the procedures to respond to the charge back with paypal and have provided them with the necessary information/proof of shipping.
    2. marsh ~ MadameLecter is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I received an email from MadameLecter today saying she doesn't know what happened and she's trying to figure it out. She seemed quite concerned and I hope for some kind of positive resolution soon.

      I will definitely keep updating. Thank you!
    4. I'm so very sorry for this inconvienience. I am working with paypal to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.
    5. This afternoon paypal released the funds in the chargeback. I've gotten an email from MadameLecter explaining that there was some confusion regarding two paypal accounts and apologizing for the inconvenience. I consider the matter resolved.