Resolved Paging Maggiemoonbeam - RESOLVED

Nov 16, 2011

    1. I have paid for a Volks Masha from Maggie. On 28 October I made the final payment of a layaway. Maggie said then that she would post the doll the next day.

      on the 1st November, 3 days after Maggie said she would send her, I enquired whether there was a tracking number. Maggie replied the same day that she had not been able to send the doll, but
      The 15th has come and gone with no pm or tracking number, and so have 2 1/2 weeks from the day I finalized payment

      I have pm'd maggie with no response yesterday. I have let her know that I would raise this problem transaction thread.

      I apologize if this seems harsh, but it was a lot of money and I am becoming increasingly concerned.
    2. Maggiemoonbeam was last on the forum 2NOV. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thankyou - still no word from her.
    4. I have replied to you in a PM. Please let me know when you have read it. Thank you.
    5. Thanks, Maggie has replied to me in a pm, I have asked for a firm date on shipping that doesnt inconvenience her too much.
    6. Bridget, the doll will be in the mail to you NO LATER than December 1. I believe it will be within this coming week, but for a FIRM DATE, let's make it December 1. Let me know if that is not OK.
    7. December 1 is fine, thanks.
    8. I advised Bridget today, the 22nd of November, that the doll has been mailed.
    9. Maggie has let me know that the doll has been sent and given me a customs number to confirm a package has been sent.
    10. Please update this thread when you receive the doll.
    11. Thanks, will do.
    12. The doll arrived today in perfect condition and well packed. This transaction is resolved.