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Unresolved Paging magicalmysteria - UNRESOLVED

Dec 2, 2009

    1. This isnt anything bad. Magicalmysteria joined my split for the Chrom body which arrived a couple of weeks ago. I've not had any problem with them through out this split however I cannot get them to respond to shipping. I can understand if there is financial trouble and they cannot afford shipping at the moment however they need to let me know so I can store the body somewhere safe during that time.
      I didnt request a read receipt with the first pm, sent on the 18th of November however I did for the second though they havent read it. They havent been on since the 26th.
      First PM
      Thanks for any and all help. :)
    2. magicalmysteria was last on the forum 26NOV. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Sorry for my absence, am PMing you now!

      many apologies.
    4. Its more then Ok! I have heard back from her and got shipping payment. :D I consider this good and solved.
      If you'd prefer to leave this open until the package is received that is good too. :)
    5. MiniPyro ~ Has this been fully resolved now?
    6. Yes it has thank you. I got the shipping payment and though I had to wait for the holidays to end, the body is ready to ship any day now. I will inform magical when he does so she knows to expect him.
    7. The package was sent back with notices that it had been left for too long in customs. Pics coming soon.
      I sent magical a pm with no response and the last communication I had from her was some time ago when she said she had a customs notice and needed to pic up the package.
    8. Something similar happened to me. I shipped her a package back in October of '09 and it recently showed up here because she refused it/didn't pick it up from customs. I sent her a PM, which she read, however have received no response from her about what to do with this package.
    9. Magical got back to me earlier today. We'll see how everything goes!
    10. The last I heard from Magical was the last post I did. I would really like to ship this body but am not going to ship it out of my own pocket, as its 60USD to ship something this big. She said she has shoddy internet but something like an internet cafe can be used to at least get back to me. :(
    11. I would really like to clear my name regarding this transaction. I have contacted MiniPyro, and thought I'd put it up here, as its the best I can do to explain everything. I am a good genuine person, and I hate that this (and my transaction with forbidden) have turned sour, and feel massively guilty. I have always had good feedback here and eBay (id: loveimmortal).

      Here is my email:

      Thank you for reading.
    12. Thanks for trying to find resolution in this outstanding transaction - please post here when the matter is fully resolved.
    13. MiniPyro has not been on the forum since October of 2010.