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Unresolved Paging MagicalMysteria - UNRESOLVED

Oct 19, 2010

    1. First off, I want to state that I know this member has not been on the forums since July of this year. I am simply wanting to cover all bases and try to see if anyone has been in contact with them since then. I also am well aware of the fact that there is another paging thread for this member open and unresolved but was unsure if my post should be added on to that one. I suppose mods will move it if they have to.

      Continuing forth...

      participated in my Michael Jackson Minimee order last year. I shipped her package on October 31, 2009. According to the tracking results, it arrived abroad on November 10, 2009 and went into customs. It cleared customs the next day and went out for delivery on the 12th. Delivery was attempted on the on the 3rd of December.

      There is a sticker on the box that says a letter was sent to the addresses on November 18th, 2009 informing them that a package was being held and that it was due for return in five days.

      Another sticker says that it was held for over twenty-one days and thus it must have been considered as refused - not wanted because there is another sticker stating that the charge was canceled and that it was to be returned to sender. I didn't receive the package until April of this year and after identifying where it came from and who it was supposed to be sent to, I sent a PM to MagicalMysteria and attached a read receipt to it.

      It was read, but I never got a reply.

      I sent another PM in May, I believe, some time after I posted in the other active paging thread for this member. I have since deleted my PMs, both incoming and outgoing, several times to clear up space and thus cannot refer back to them for exact dates or content.

      I haven't heard from this member at all since I received her shipping payment in October of last year, so I am wondering if anyone has been in touch with her at all? Is she okay? I noticed that communication is not her strong suite as she was dropped from MNM order for a lack of it and someone else that ran another order has tried to contact her. I also know that she contacted the person that started the other paging thread at least once before not contacting them again for a situation similar to this one.

      In addition to this paging thread, I have mailed a letter to the address I have for her, I have sent emails to the email addresses I have filed for her and have also sent another PM. I found a Facebook account which I suspect to be hers and sent a message there to either verify or deny that suspicion.

      If anyone has been in touch with this member, please inform her of my attempts to contact her and that she has until the end of this year to contact me. I will not make any further efforts to contact her from this point and will do with the head as I please, as I will consider it to be abandoned property by then.

      If she is sick or no longer living, I send my condolences and sincerest apologies if this message comes across with a harsh tone as one is not intended. I know how life is unfortunately unexpected at times and all I wish for with this thread is some type of response or information in regard to her status so I know how to proceed.

    2. As of today, December 17, 2010, I have still not received a response in any form. :( I would like to leave this thread up until December 31st, when I will post one final update before this thread can be locked/considered resolved/unresolved.
    3. Today is January 01, 2011 and I have not heard any response in regard to this matter. Therefore, this thread can now be closed.