Paging MagicWhiteLady - RESOLVED

Apr 7, 2006

    1. Has any body bought from MagicWhiteLady?

      I purchased a commissioned outfit from her.

      at first the emails were really great, she was really excited about the project, she promised to send me emails of the progress.

      Then I requested an update and she said all was going great and she said she would get pictures to me soon as the outfit was almost done.

      When I didn't hear I requested another update. She said she hit a personal snag and was sorry she was late in getting back to me.

      then I emailed her again when I didn't hear from her. She said things were better and she was thinking of giving those of us who purchased from her a free gift for the delay.

      then for about 4 days I didn't hear from her again so I just simply pmed her a "hello?" then the next day I replied "Are you still there?"

      and now she's not answering me at all. When I tried emailing her at the paypal address, it got bounced back to me.

      Maybe I'm jumping the gun... but after reading the stories on this part of the board, I'm starting to worry a bit.

      I mean... its gone from being really excited about the project after getting full payment

      to making promises of showing pictures of the project and getting it shipped out

      to excuses on why there are no pictures and why it isn't shipped

      to not even answering my pm's now.

      its starting to sound familiar.

      So I'm wondering if anyone else has bought from her and has been happy and this is just a fluke that will maybe turn out ok or if I should be worried.

      here is the proof of payment.

      Original Transaction

      Date Type Status Details Amount
      Mar. 1, 2006 Payment To edit Completed ... -$50.00 USD

      Related Transaction
      Date Type Status Details Amount
      Mar. 1, 2006 Charge From Credit Card Completed Details $50.00 USD


      edited as is not sellers real name
      edited as is not sellers real email


      Total Amount:
      -$50.00 USD


      Mar. 1, 2006
      18:03:30 PST


      Outfit for Luts Dollfie EL as discussed
      Hi ya! if you need me to email you the pictures of the costume again, let me know!
      this is for

      1. the "howl" jacket for EL
      2. a silky shirt for EL
      3. black pants for EL

      all in the style of Howl's moving castle as seen in picture on DOA message board. ^_^ Thankies
      Shipping Address:
      *Deleted for privacy*
    2. I hope it works out! I haven't dealt with this customizer yet, but I've been waiting a long time for my outfit from a different one... it's icky to have to worry about if and when you'll get your stuff when you've paid $50 and it's been two months.
    3. Please heed what EmmBee posted in another thread here:

      ESPECIALLY the part about filing for a Paypal refund within 45 days. In fact, since MagicWhiteLady is now not communicating with you at all, file for a refund NOW while you still have time! If it all turns out to be an honest mistake, no harm done, you can pay her again and chalk it up to caution.
    4. thanks for the info. I didn't realize how long ago it actually was. I forgot I commissioned the outfit before I actually bought the doll. lol. (I bought the doll a day later.) For some reason I thought it was like the second week in March when I commissioned the outfit. Now I see it was March 1st... so this is a bit concerning,

      but I'm giving it one more chance. No reply this time around and I'm going for the refund tonight.
    5. You should include in your message that if she doesn't reply/if you don't get the outfit then you will be issuing a paypal claim. That usually gets people moving. :)
    6. Well I'm just going to do it.

      It started out with her approaching me about the commission when I was looking for a seamstress to do a commissioned outfit for me on the DOA board.

      She was all excited promising pictures when she got a good start... those pictures never came, but everytime I requested an update, she'd pm me back the same day.

      then the updates stopped so I pm'ed her and asked what was up. She started with the excuses, but I wasn't too nervous because she still pm'ed me back right away- usually the same day I pm'ed her. but every time I pm'ed her, it was I'm sorry, a lot is happening. Then the last time it was- Would you like a free necklace for your El? which I thought was cool... but that was the last time I heard from her.

      then when I pm'ed her that I really needed that outfit soon because my EL was going to be shipped within the week, and that while I understood she was going through some stuff, but that I paid in full and I needed the outfit... suddenly no reply to that pm or further replies to any other pm's.

      So I think If she doesn't reply to this last pm by 10pm my time tonight (Which is in like 3 hours) I'm going to request the refund. from paypal. I need to buy another outfit before EL gets here, and Luts is pretty expensive so I'll need that money.

      do they let you explain why you're requesting the refund, or do you just type in the paypal transaction number and hit enter?
    7. Bloody H*ll!! This is happening too much lately. I can't believe people are willing to send away their money untill the item is completed. I don't usually charge my clients untill I have sent pictures of the finished outfit, though I sometimes ask for a deposit to cover materials costs if I have to go out and buy something I don't have in-house. I just don't want to get stuck with someone elses money if something comes up and I can't complete the work in a timely manner. If the buyer turns around and has a change of heart after the outfit is completed, I can always offer it in the marketplace, no big loss.

      I hope you get your money back, and I hope the recent increase in this kind of activity stops soon, even if it means buyers need to be more careful, and sellers may need to implement new rules, maybe trying to sell pre-made items rather than pre-orders etc.
    8. Granted, I've only delt with MagicWhiteLady on the seller's side as she purchased a DoD Too from me I think, last Summer? But she paid on time and kept in touch after she received him.

      I'm not sure about her as a seller however.
      I do know that with my own sales, I require full payment before an outfit is sent out, but the buyer can pay at anytime after they request it.
      I stopped taking commissions due to the fact that it can be quite a bit more work to make a cosplay character set to the perfection the buyer desires without artistic freedom.

      I do think over a month is more then a fair amount of time to give for a simple outfit like this. I know that when my own sewing time goes over 2 weeks I often offer a free shirt or other piece for their patience as good faith.

      I hope you get your outfit soon! Please keep us posted!
    9. problem is, a lot of people won't start/send item till you pay. And even if you hold payment till they show picture of the item, that doesn't guarantee they won't get the payment then sell the outfit on ebay to make double the profit. I've seen that happen too. :(

      So I mean, if they're going to scam you, doesn't matter if you pay prior to having the outfit made or after. Its more likely you get scammed prior sure, but it does happen a lot afterwards too.

      I hope it all works out, but I doubt it. I haven't received an answer to my final pm that I sent earlier today either.
    10. I second this. This way, you can't possibly get ripped off. Give her a warning in a PM, maybe give her a couple of days and then file the claim. You have every right to do so, and I highly recommend you do.
    11. I was approached by MagicWhiteLady for a comission too, hen I was also looking to have an outfit made. I never actually gave her the comission due to lack of funds to meet her quote, but she seemed nice and gave propt responses.

      I'm really glad I saw this thread here- I was still considering her for the comission once I had the money. Now I will wait and see how this is resolved- and I really hope it gets sorted out for you!
    12. Still no reply to my last Pm made earlier yesterday. I will either give it to tonight or tomorrow morning. (Unlike most people, I'm not nice when it comes to money. I don't make that much in my current position.) And as it is its been since 3-1-06, she hasn't replied to now 4 request for replies and I need to get another outfit for my EL before he gets here since he'll be here soon according to Lut's noticification (Yay about that at least.) so I'm not waiting a couple more days like someone recommended. I've already waited a month and a week.

      I mean I was sympathetic at first, but now this is starting to sound like everyother trade gone bad I've read on this board. First really excited about the project, then excuse after excuse, then promises of free gifts for the trouble, then no communication at all.

      So its not like I haven't tried to be the nice person. I offered her time in her "situation", I even gave her a little extra. She asked for $40 or $45 for the project and I rounded it out to $50 thinking I was helping her out because she said she was saving up. but my niceness wears thin quickly.
    13. I think you have every right to be annoyed right now- this is a long and drawn out problem... I think you;ve been very considerate so far... and now you need a result.

      Again, good luck.
    14. can I ask you when she offered you her services? (I'm trying to see if a peice of the puzzle fits based on your answer.)
    15. ah. Ok. she offered her assistance the same day I paid her for my comission/
    16. well its been 38 days since the commission and 14 since she last replied to any of my pm's.

      so I'm going for the refund via paypal. Maybe it turns out this is a legit thing where something is really going on in her life right now, but then she should have offered a refund or found a way to get in touch with me and say, "look I know your worried about being ripped off, I'm really sorry I AM going to honor our agreement, its just going to take me longer than expected." that takes 10 seconds.

      Like I said in another post, when someone pays for something, its in good faith. If something happens, in good faith you should refund or make an attempt to give an ETA on when the item will be done, not give more excuses. Excuses are free... so what was my 50bucks for? If a company like Luts or Volks worked like that they'd be out of buisness.

      The least you can do when you have someone's money is give them something in exchange or at least communicate the progress. So that's that.
    17. I think a chargeback via paypal is the best thing to do.

      I think I had a really lucky escape on this one...
    18. well its done. Here's the complaint I filed. (They said next they'll wait for her. she has ten days to respond or it will be decided in my favor.)


      At first the seller was very excited about the project and promised pictures of the progress. When no pictures were ever offered as promised, I asked for an update and got excuses. At first I was sensative and gave her time. Another private message to find out how things were going, got "A lot on my plate but your commission is one of those things" and promise of a free gift for my trouble. but still recieved no pictures of the progress as promised. just a "Oh I wish I had a picture to show you."

      then no more replies to my private messages. Its been 2 weeks and about 4 or 5 attempts to contact seller about my paid commission with no reply.

      I paid for this item 3-1-06 and it is now 4-8-06. 1 month and 8 days when I was promised a quick turnaround, pictures of the progress, a free gift for my patience and daily updates. first excuses, Now 2 weeks and not ONE reply to my any PM's.

      There may be a legitament reason, but its inexcusable. If you take someone's money you owe it to them to take 10 seconds to fulfill your promise of at least updating them and trying to get their commissions to them or at the very least give them an ETA if you're falling behind, or offering them a refund if you're unable to fufill your end of the bargain. You can't keep the money, and stop contacting the purchaser leaving them empty handed. That's stealing- contract breaking- or at the very least, dishonest. If a company like Luts or Volks did that, they'd be out of buisness!)


      so that's what I wrote to paypal. I felt bad at first then I felt why? I told her I was feeling a bit cautious about this transaction when she stopped pming me and its not like I haven't tried contacting her more than once in case she didn't get the first one, or was busy.

      Her last pm to me:

      03-27-2006, 01:46 PM

      Things are better but still busy~ I've got lots on my plate but your commissions is one of those thigns!
      I'm terribly sorry for al lthe delay... I'm thinknig I want to offer a free gift to all the lovely patient people... .woulda BJD sized necklace intrest you...? it wouldnt' be anthing too fancy... just somethign that I could show my apology with...


      then I replied (All my replies will be in Blue)


      03-27-2006, 05:43 PM
      lol thanks that would be cool. I just hope everything is good with you. I know what its like to have sucky weeks. I've been having that kind of year (For the last two years. lol)

      04-02-2006, 08:41 PM
      Just an update: I got word that my EL is being shipped! But at this time he's gonna be quite nakkie since the only outfit I've gotten so far is the one I commissioned from you. Any way the outfit will be finished soon?

      I understand you have a lot on your plate, but $50 for me is isn't really something I can just give away without worries. Especially after purchasing a $700 EL. I only get $9.50 an hour as a receptionist, and I had to go to the doctor recently after an accident to fix my disclocated shoulder and chipped collar bone, so I have med bills now too. So $50 may not seem like a lot, but it is, so I didn't pay the commission lightly.

      so I know you have a lot going on, but I hope it won't be too much longer of a wait. I hope you understand.


      04-05-2006, 06:41 PM

      04-06-2006, 05:33 PM
      you still around?

      Yesterday, 06:36 PM (that's the 7th)
      Just getting a bit nervous.

      We went from

      Excited about the project


      Excuse 1


      Excuse 2


      Sorry but how bout a free gift for your trouble


      no reply


      no reply


      no reply

      It is also now April 7th and the outfit was commissioned on March 1st. Maybe I've been here too long and read too many traders horror stories, but this sounds like a lot of trades gone wrong I've read and I'm starting to feel a bit nervous about this.

      are you still around?


      so from the 27th of last month to almost the 9th (Since today is half over) is 2 weeks since she last replied to me, and its not like I haven't given her every oportunity, and expressed my concerns. The moment I raised a concern, if she was forthcoming and honest, she should have stepped up and said "wait wait wait... honestly I'm sorry I really am, things have seriously been out of control here. I know that's an excuse but I'm being serious. I'm not trying to rip you off. I know you've read horror stories, and I'm sorry but I'm not. If you give me a chance I'll prove it. or I'll refund your money."

      that sentence took me less than 5 seconds to type out.

      hmmm can I edit the title of the original thread? I didn't want to put her name in the thread in case this got resolved before having to go this far. that way fewer people would be alerted, no hurt feelings. but if she didn't even bother to respond to my concerns about being scammed, I'm thinking its because she was trying to scam me. so I'm not trying to protect anyone from hurt feelings anymore.
    19. oh and before anyone uses the "Sorry but I didn't have internet access I couldn't reply to you."

      1. did you know you weren't going to and if you did why didn't you warn your customers ahead of time.

      2. do you have friends who could update your customers for you

      3. did you know public libraries nationwide offer free internet access?

      (She didn't use it as an excuse YET) I'm just saying... its not an excuse.