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Paging manaswam - RESOLVED

Aug 4, 2007

    1. I sold the wink and sist faceplate 10th june to the user manaswam
      Everything went all right, she recived the package and was very happy wit it. When suddenly i woke up this morning, chcecked my emails and i see that she opened dispute over 343$ she paid me, to get them back.
      I honestly don't know what's going on, it happened first time to me. :...(
      I want her to mail me asap with the explanations.
      It really sadden me tahat there are users that buy the items, recive them and then do everything to get the money back also.
      Right now i don't have the faceplates nor the money (paypal blocked it and now i have a huge debt on the account).
      I thought that maybe something went wrong with the delivery (but how, when she mailed me that she is happy with the items) so i checked the tracking number and package was delivered on the 19th of june. :(:...(

      i've got 5 page of ONLY possitive feadback.
      i can't understand such an actions as of the user manaswam:...( .
      i can't understand her motives and it really make me sad that people can do such a things to each others, especially when our community is not that big :(
    2. Keep copies and screencaps of the PM she sent saying she recieved the items and was heppy. Send them to Paypal. That is proof that she had the items, and that there is no problem.
    3. We have been in constant contact since I received her email.

      This has to do with attempted fraud on one of my debit cards by someone, and the bank Noticed huge transactions going through, called me and suspended card.

      I am going to make everyone that I have purchased from whole on this plus. But someone tried to access to my card and charge thousands of dollars. Now it is a mess.

      I have contacted all sellers affected (six in total) and told them I have asked paypal to reverse chargeback. Paypal now claims I have to also get to the bank, which I will do when they open Monday.

      I have also offered other means to take care of the six sellers.

      I too enjoy a good reputation in the marketplace and this will be resolved as soon as I can get to the bank (Monday am).

      Sorry for inconvience, but also very scary for me!!!

    4. it is a truth since when I sent her the email, I am with her in the constant contact
      I hope that you are telling the truth and on Monday everything will become clear and paypal & your bank - (cancel the dispute) they will unblock my account and my 343$ for faceplates.
      it's not the matter of paying again for the item. i must have the dispute cancelled by you, then i'll get my money back and willl be able to use my account again, and i relly need it right now. so current situation is very inconvenient for me:(

      I am an honest person and I never cheated nobody therefore I hope that you are also such a person and everything will improve.
    5. yesterday I got money from the different account paypal from her, but still I am waiting for to cancell the dispute (when she cancel & if paypal give me back money that they froze i'll give her a refund ) if only not to have a problem in the future for my account.
      Everything is on the good road, the faith for it and she is an honest person to the truth:)
      so everything will certainly end well.
      At the beginning I got scared that somebody cheated me because once I have already been cheated on doa, but now I already calmed down:)
    6. I know Manaswam from the local meetups and can assure you any problems that happended were not intentional or caused directly by her. She is a very sweet person and one of the nicest people I have met at the meets.
    7. I cant say that I know Manaswam but I do know Aya.

      I know Aya to be a very honest and wonderful seller. I have bought from her more then once and recomend her regularely.

      I hope this gets cleared up because I would hate for there to be any bad comments for either side when this is obviously some kind of missunderstanding.
    8. everything is resolved :))) Thanks so much, She is very good buyer :)

      please close this threat :))