Resolved Paging Mandalina - RESOLVED

Jun 24, 2011

    1. I purchased a yo-sd lamb hat from Mandalina on May 24th, and we agreed that she would ship it out on Monday May 30th when she returned from vacation.

      I was supposed to recieve a pm with the delivery confirmation. I never received it.
      When I pm'd her, she told me work had immediately called her back in, and she hadn't had a chance to ship it.

      I could be understanding because I work in a similiar line of employment, and it was around a holiday. Over the next few days, I recieved a few pms of conversation, but not a confirmation number. This was june 1st-3rd.

      on June 13th, ten days after, after pming her again, she asked me to resend the address, because she printed it wrong and they sent it back to her. She said she would be shipping it out on the 14th because she didn't work, and would pm me when she got home with the confirmation number.

      It is now the 23rd, over a week since I've last heard from her and nearly a month since I sent funds for this item. At this point, I would just like to know where the item is, and if for some reason real life has intervened, just a refund. I bought this item because it was cute and convient, but if its easier for her I can take a refund rather then keep waiting for it.

      I don't want to make a big thing of this - I'm just curious as to what is going on. I hope nothing bad has happened!

      Thank you.
    2. Mandalina was last on the forum 14JUN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I know I'm not supposed to post in these if I'm not a part of it, however, Kitter I do want to remind you that as your location is set to Ontario, you should be aware that the entire country of Canada is in a postal strike and mail is not being delivered.

      Sorry to intrude on this Zagzagael, I understand if this gets deleted.
    4. Thank you for your concern, Tallenvyaere. However, I have an address in New york state, which is where I asked her to ship to, because of the strike. It is also a validated address in my paypal, in case that is revelant. Thanks though!
    5. I sent it out this morning x.x The rush at work was over and I got comfy with the time off that it slipped my mind entirely >< I am sooooo sorry, but it's sent now so I hope that clears it all up. Please tell me when it get's there.
    6. Hey, no problem. I figured something like that had been the case - work and life seems to be taking over alot of people lately. Did you happen to get a delivery confirmation? just so I can calculate when it should get here ^^

      Thank you~
    7. I asked her for it, and she didn't give it to me for some reason :/ (I had to deal with the mean post lady...) But if anything like my normal packages like your it should be there Wendsday or Thursday. Maybe at the latest Friday.
    8. Aw, really? That's not very nice of her. Well, I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I recieve it! I hope work isn't running you over too badly >_<
    9. I recieved the hat today! it's even cuter in person ^^ Also, the note was really nice. Thank you so much Mandalina, I'm sorry I had to page you.

      Transaction resolved :D