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Sep 15, 2010

    1. This is really infuriating. I was hoping I would not have to do this but it seems I have no choice.
      Mods- I have all of the PMs still if you need them. If I should post them here, let me know. I will gladly do so.
      I commissioned a short 8" dual colored human hair wig from Manyako a while back and finally received it a couple days ago... To my horror. I gave him detailed directions and measurements for this wig as well as letting him know what doll it was to be for. He had stated on his thread that he had a doll with an 8" head so I was all for it. After we agreed that I gave all the detail needed he had me pay the $37 commission for the wig. I paid promptly. Communication with him was very few and far between. Most of my PMs going unanswered until he finally PMs me to say he had messed up and redid it, giving me a cell phone picture that did not work. I told him I could not see the photo and I waited 2 weeks after for him to send me new, saying the wig was done but he feared the hair was a little too long. I told him I could trim it myself and it was no problem. His photos were good and I gave the 'Okay'. I got the invoice for $4.95 shipping total. I thought it would be shipped Priority as that is what it would be about for it as we are both in California. I wait and wait til I finally PM him asking if he had shipped the wig. It should not take so long within California. He never answers me and I finally get the wig. To my horror I learn he not only overcharged me on shipping (he sent first class with tracking-- I never got the number-- and it was only out to be $1.50 or so), but the wig was too big. WAY too big. 9-10 to be exact. I PM him letting him know that it is too large and it swallows my boys head completely. After sending the PM, I look over the wig more and am appalled. The wig is not only too big but it has bald spots, matted hair, split hairs, threads showing all throughout, black gooey stuff all over, and in some parts the threads are even coming loose. I PMed him again saying I don't want another. I will send him this one back and I want a refund. I also confront him on overcharging me shipping to which he gives me one excuse after another. Claiming the extra was to cover paypal fees... The money was sent from paypal balance... THERE ARE NO FEES!

      He then proceeds to tell me that the only issue I have with the wig is it is too big... After I had listed what was wrong to him and gave him photos. He also says there are no refunds on commissions... WHAT?! It doesn't say so in his thread anywhere! I have screencaps to prove this. AND! He also says it is the BUYERS responsibility to figure out the sellers policy... No. Anywhere there is a transaction you must STATE your policy or else there IS no policy. I have told him this. I am also a customizer here. I know how this all works and have been doing this for years. Overall he has been very dodgey with me and I am not about to let this fall through unnoticed.

      WHAT I WANT:
      FULL refund of the commissioned price. I don't care about shipping. I just want the $37 I paid. This was NOT worth that. I will send the wig back after I receive the refund as after all the stuff he has said to me in PM, I do NOT trust he would send a refund after I ship this back. And... Especially since he is making it look like he is running away from it.

      Here are some of the photos:
      For one... Here is the wig next to the doll it was supposed to be for:

      Damaged hair and bald spots... These are also seen in person.

      Here's some of the hair that is coming loose from the threading...

      Shoddy sewing job and most of it is coming lose!

      Also... Fishnet sock is the wigcap! $37! NO WAY!

      And lastly... This is ALL it was shipped in. Plain manilla envelope folded over and a sandwich baggy... It wasn't even put in nicely. It seemed to of been shoved in there.

      I want this resolved. I want my money back and I want this horrible wig out of my house. I am so livid about this transaction.
      Manyako has since deleted all his info from DOA, posted his shops as permanently closed and seems to not be answering anything. I have opened the PayPal dispute and if I do not recieve full refund in a week, I will be escalating it to a claim. I have given you more than enough time to do this all yourself, Manyako. This is it.
    2. I wanted to add that I called PayPal directly since he, again, refused to refund and the dispute closed. If the e-mail from PayPal does not get him to send a refund I am told to go to a government run place. The man said it sounds like he's running as well and he had a few other people on his commission list. I have warned them as well just in case.
    3. manyako was last on the forum yesterday. He is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    4. I also commissioned him to make a custom wig.
      Payment was sent on the 16th August and everything was confirmed. I was told it would take 7-13 days.
      I got an email on the 4th September asking for shipping, I havent recieved the wig or heard that it has even been sent.
    5. I have a bad feeling that this was his plan all along. I think he thought he could get away with it longer though. Since he seems to be 'packing it up' on DoA, I would enter a paypal dispute.
    6. I'm going to send another PM, if I don't get a reply by this time tomorrow, I will be filing a dispute.
      Unfortunately that is only for the wig itself, which means I'll lose the $10 I paid for shipping + wig net but hey, live and learn right ?
    7. Yeah. I lose out on my shipping too but at this point, I don't care. I just want the $37 I paid for a wig I didn't get.
    8. I haven't gotten a reply, so I have opened a dispute with paypal :(
    9. I hope it goes well for you and they do not close it early.
    10. I recieved the wig today.



      It's thick, soft and I can't see any loose stitching. The wigcap seems to be mesh.
      There are a couple of places where the wigcap was showing through, and on the top is a patch of glue ?


      Overall, I'm happy with it, apart from the glue patch.
      But I'm not sure why I was charged $8 for airmail, when the label says $2.28 and it was just a plain envelope


    11. Yeah. He overcharges shipping. He says it is to cover paypal fees... But fees are only 1% within the US.
    12. Still no refund. I am going to the government place that PayPal referred me to now. Though... I am pretty sure he's already drained him paypal and booked it.
    13. Yeh, I don't think fees come up to THAT much.
      I hope you manage to get everything sorted out
    14. Nothing seems to be happening with this at all. I am now sure he has run off and drained his account so no one will ever be getting a refund if needed.

      THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT RESOLVED. I am just sure he will not be coming back here either since he has not been on at all.
    15. I didn't want it to come to this but.. I sent Manyako my Afi head for wigging and half the commission money up front. I'm in Australia and can't file police reports for stolen property.

      He said he'd refund me and ship back my R. Afi head, but he's done nothing and when I tried to phone the address he told me to ship to, I believe it was him that answered the phone and then pretended to be someone else. I do not know what I am meant to do and have almost just given up getting my dollhead back....
    16. Manyako was last on the forum 13SEP. He is still Being Paged.
    17. Sadly, I don't think that will help.... Though. If he posts the Afi head, there will be issues.
    18. Sorry Jisastsu ^^;; i just thought that since he's now banned on DoA and unresponsive it'd be good to locate him at other places ^^;