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Paging maudlincycle - RESOLVED

Apr 20, 2008

    1. she hasn't done anything wrong I just have not heard from her in almost a week

      I was part of her MNF WooSoo split and am to be getting the sleeping head. there was a small amount of confusion monday which was cleared up but I have since to hear anything from her

      PM's were sent:
      Wednesday sent: 04-16-2008 03:54 PM read:04-16-2008 07:29 PM
      saterday sent: 04-19-2008 02:09 PM read:Yesterday 06:11 PM

      so i know she has read them yet she has not replied if she has or when she will be shipping my head.

      I sent her another PM last night at about 11:30ish Informing her if i didn't hear from her by the time i woke up I'd be starting this thread. so far she has not been on yet today tho.

      mods I know its only been a week but could you please add her to the Paging list.

      thank you
    2. i did hear from maudlincycle aound 5pm or so. and she says she has been very busy but will ship tuesday.

      i will update once i know she has shipped and i have recieved
    3. was suppose to be shipped today but got [no pm saying the head was sent or a tracking #
    4. ok i am now starting to be unhappy. i understand things happen in life and people have to adjust, but as long as you keep the lines of communication open and frequent, at least the other person knows whats going on

      Maudlincycle has had the Sleeping woosoo head for a week and half, she did not respond to pms for a week, all of which i know she did get. once this thread started she pm'd me saying she would ship tuesdday. i asked her to send it to a different address as i am not at home for this and next week and that was the last i heard. that was sunday, and i asked for a pm and a tracking # when she shipped

      she was on yesterday around 3pm and sent me nothing.
    5. I did at last hear from Maud yesterday night at 7pm

      i asked twice for a tracking # and in this hobby it should be standard practice to include it on any purchase, especially one over $50.

      when i asked why i had not she said she did not remember me asking, to which i pointed out the 2 pm's i had

      when the head came in there was already a small issue in which she was offering me a partial refund which i turned down as it was not a huge deal. If she was at the post office and thought she'd get a # the people there don't have an issue adding tracking which cost all of tops $2, the refund would have been for $10

      her ending statement i feel dismisses all of my concerns and i feel she is not being a responsible seller.

      i did manage to get the transaction # off the receipt but all that tells me is there is something with that transaction #, not where or what it was.

      it's not good for my piece of mind that i cannot trace my package, don't get my pm's answered, and my concerns are being brushed off as unimportant.
    6. OK my Woosoo head did finally come but I would like to keep this thread up as this was not a good transaction, and I feel it will only get lost if it goes in her transaction thread.


      Started out very good, pm's were frequent and the split thread was kept updated, last post states she should get the order in Monday

      4/14/08 9:49pm Maudlincycle posts in the arrival forum that her new doll is home. she has had time to unpack him, face-up, cloth, take pics, upload and post those pics
      4/14/08 11:50pm i see the thread and pm her saying 'cool it came in? when are you shipping the sleeping head to me?'
      4/14/08 11:58pm return pm, there was slight skin mistake but was ironed out quickly

      sent several more pm's to maudlin, Wednesday, 2 Saturday. I had heard nothing back from her shipping wise and was getting worried. all the pms except the last one had tracking and were read but had gotten no response.

      4/20/08 started this thread as i had heard nothing
      4pm did finally get a pm, stating she was busy and to be patient with her. asked her to change the address as i was going to be staying with a friend. address change was confirmed and i asked for her to pm me with a tracking # once shipped Tuesday

      4/22/08 no pm
      4/23/08 7pm get pm that it was shipped but come to find she did not get a tracking # for it.

      4/25/08 doll head does arrive at last, however the post date is marked the 23rd, the day after she claims to have posted it.

      i fully admit after being blown off for a week i was getting more aggressive with my pm-ing her right back for information. this was due to the fact I felt ignored, dismissed and very worried as i had no idea where my girls head was and that upset me greatly. I was patient and understanding for the first week but lack of reasons as to why and general run around changed that

      she had the order for hours and did not pm me that it was in, then i heard nothing for a week, head gets shipped out day after it was suppose to with no tracking, no insurance. and after the first mishap in which i was offered a refund and did not take it ($10) I feel the package should have been sent out with the works on it.

      this is a hobby where things go missing, and to be powerless about where my doll head was and if it got lost knowing there was nothing i could do about it....

      Seller was irresponsible with other people's items and did not keep good communication.