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Resolved Paging Maxxie - RESOLVED

Aug 9, 2011

    1. I really hate to do this but I am posting here in hopes that this gets resolved soon...

      I joined this split for a Soom Lami MD - the human head and body w/face-up. I paid 4-20-11 and have been waiting patiently for him to arrive and for the split organizer to ship him. Maxxie ordered him 4-23-11

      I was contacted 7-23-2011 by Maxxie saying the order arrived and she asked for us to send her our address and preferred shipping method. I responded the same day with my name, address, and method.

      On 7-24-11 she sent a message saying there would be a delay since she would be gone Wednesday thru Monday (7-27 thru 8-1) and wouldn't have time to ship before she left. She would PM us once she got back about payment and such.

      On 8-3-11 I contacted her to see if she was back and received my message with my shipping information. She replied that very day saying she was creating a word document for organizing and would be ready to ship very soon.

      On 8-5-11 I sent another message asking when she would ship my Lami because I wanted to get him home for a local meet I'm attending. She replies to my message on 8-7-11 saying she is sorry about the delay and was going to the PO on 8-8-11 to get shipping costs and would send pm's once she had that information.

      It's 10pm CST and I still don't have a shipping notice and this was the day she was supposed to send the shipping costs to everyone in the thread.

      Resolution: I want is my doll to be shipped or a full refund asap.
    2. Maxxie was last on the forum 7AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I shipped the doll yesterday and I'm sending out PM about it now.
    4. PM's all sent.

      I'm sorry I didn't PM last night, I've been having some personal/medical problems and unfortunately the split was the first thing on my mind. By the time I had remembered I forgot to send out PM's last night it was late and I had shut my computer down. I decided to wait until I got up and had time to get on my computer to send them out. Obviously that was too late.

      But I've shipped everything and sent all the information out to all the members.
    5. Maxxie-

      I am extremely sorry that you are having a difficult time and I do hope things get better for you.

      I received your pm with the total cost for shipping. I just replied to that pm saying I just sent the payment for the shipping costs through Paypal.

      Thank you for responding to this and providing the shipping information. I will let you know when everything arrives.

    6. I've received my package from Maxxie and her offer of covering the cost of delivery confirmation and insurance was thoughtful. I consider this resolved. Thanks