Unresolved Paging McKitty (MP banned)

Jun 5, 2009

    1. Looking for McKitty.. I had a DIM Marianne on layaway with her. As she had a sudden overseas trip she had to go on, she asked I pay my second (final) payment a little earlier than we originally agreed, which I did.
      Marianne arrived safely on about the 6th of May, however, not in the condition described in the ad, her hands show significant colour difference and her head is also slightly different.
      I messaged McKitty straight away, but as of this time I have not heard from her:( I do not know when she left for her trip, nor when she will be back. Also tried emailing her through her Paypal email address with no response:( She doesnt appear to have been logged on to DOA since may 4th.
      Please McKitty I'd love some contact from you, or if anyone knows when she will be back or if there is a way of contacting her? Had wonderful communication before Marianne arrived:(
    2. McKitty was last on the forum 3MAY. She is now Being Paged. If resolution isn't met, you might want to consider changing this to a Problem Transaction post.
    3. Well, still nothing from her:( and she hasn't logged in. I opened a Paypal not as described case and that hasn't even worked:(
      I guess it's time to change it to a problem transaction, how do I go about doing that?
    4. opheliafrump ~ this is a pretty serious Problem Transaction. At some point you may have to consider it actually theft. What is the PayPal status? Have you tried a private email?
    5. Hi Zagzagael, yes I tried emailing her at her paypal address several times, first about a week after I had no reply to my first PM. I have a couple of days left before the deadline to escalate on Paypal- that's only for my second payment tho, as my first payment was too long ago.
      At first I was not too worried, as she did say she was going on an overseas trip (ironically to the country I live in) but I have no idea for how long- and I really think she would have at least checked her email by now as it's been a month and a half:( I've been trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but it seems pointless now:(
    6. Well Paypal case escalated then closed by them within minutes- looks like I am stuck with a yellowed, multicoloured doll, unless McKitty pops out of the woodwork which I doubt.
      I will give her a few days to hopefully get some decency and reply to me, or I guess leave negative feedback. Which will no doubt be pointless since it seems she will not be back:(