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Paging Meelee ... anyone know where she is?

Oct 31, 2007

    1. Anyone out there know Meelee or know where she is? I ordered a whole bunch of Jellies from her on August 11th, last time I heard from her on September 10th she was finishing them up and sending them out. Now it's almost 2 months later and she's not answering my pm's and I can't email her. It's been to long now and I can't file a paypal dispute :(

      I know she totalled her car recently and I really hope she's okay and that nothing is majorly wrong. If anyone out there knows her please ask her to email or pm me! :)
    2. ... I am going to her house this Sunday. I will be sure to bring this matter up to her. x.x

      I am so sorry she hasn't gotten back to you. D: I will try my best to see to it that she gets you your jellies. However, to be on the safe side... if I don't personally PM you telling you she has sent them... I'd open a dispute. ;.; I love my friend but... I don't know how reliable she is when it comes ot getting things to the post...

      Again I'm super sorry. Feel free to PM me and ask me for any updates. Sunday evenign I ought to have something for you though, if not earlier.
    3. Ohmigod Syndal_lynn thank you so much you rock, I totally agree with sher it's not your mess to clean up and please don't appologise! I know stuff happens and all that stuff I'm just wanting to know if she's planning on finishing them cuz I would love for the kids to have some cute jellies.

      Either way I would love for her to just let me know, it's not a big ammount of money so I'm not over concerned I just wish I knew either way.

      And thank you sher for showing me that thread I had no idea this happened before, I should have checked though :( Although I do have to say I forgot about them for awhile to it's partly my fault for not following up on this sooner :sweat oops!!
    4. Thanks again Sher. :) And I know... Hopefully this will be the last time I have to do this as, for the moment, she is out of the doll hobby.

      btw, I did get ahold of her Gretch! I'll need you to PM me you address and I will hopefully have jellies sent out to you on Monday. :) *hug*