Paging Meelee (I'm SO sorry to have to do this!)

Jan 26, 2007

    1. Does anybody know Meelee or might anyone know if she's all right? I bought quite a lot of jelly bracelets from her at the end of December, paid, and as of a couple weeks now, she hasn't answered my PMs or my queries in her FS thread asking her to get in touch with me with a report on my purchase.

      I hope she's okay - if I don't hear from her soon, I guess I have to open a paypal dispute before my time runs out; it's almost been a month already, I think I only have a couple more weeks before my time is up. :(
    2. I also bought some of her jellies and haven't received them. I paid her around Dec. 27th. I last heard from her on Jan. 10th saying she's been really busy but was going to mail out my jellies that day. Well, I still haven't received them. I PM'd her recently but no answer. I'd love to know what's going on. Meelee if you are out there please get in touch with us.
    3. Meelee is a very good personal friend of mine. She has been busy lately what with school and a problem with her car. However if its been that long she should have sent out your stuff or at least replied to you! ^^; I will try and get ahold of her by phone and see whats going on for you guys!
    4. Thank you very much - anything you can do would be very much appreciated. I figure if I don't have them by next week, I will have no choice but to open a paypal dispute to see if I can get my money back. Twenty bucks is twenty bucks.
    5. Agreed. :) Just to let you guys know I have contacted her on the telephone. I told her to get on DoA right away and to reply to your PMs. ^^ Good luck guys!
    6. Thanks. She still hasn't contacted me, has she gotten in touch with any of the other 2 people (I think there's a total of 3 of us) looking for her?
    7. Thanks so much. I really appreciate you calling her for us. Haven't heard from her yet but I feel better knowing you've spoken to her.
    8. Thank you so much for trying to help us, Syndal_lynn... I figure if by Wed I still have not heard from meelee, I'm filing a paypal dispute. :(
    9. I guess you haven't heard from her yet, Sher? I haven't either. I'm not very optomistic at this point. I really, really wanted those bracelets. I don't understand because Meelee said she was going to mail mine out the next day after her PM which was Jan 10th. If she has them ready, how difficult is it to mail them out? Obviously she's okay if Syndal_lynn just spoke to her on the phone. So what's the deal? This isn't right. We paid for something, we should receive it.
    10. No, nothing yet Laura. I wanted those bracelets, too, I found some rings at claire's that the unoas can wear, but nothing for the bigger dolls, so I was pretty excited about these.

      I don't understand either.
    11. It looks like there are 4 of us who have been able to get Meelee to either send our stuff, refund our money, or even contact us:

      Me, Cyn, Luxury, and laurmann2000

      Tomorrow, Wed, unless I hear something, I'm filing a paypal complaint.
    12. Hey guys. I got ahold of Meelee again. She says she's sorry about all this and she has said that she would like to refund you guys your money and still send out your bracelets since its been so long.

      She said she's been so busy with her new school that she hasn't had time to get onto DoA and such. SO! Those of you who paid with Paypal, expect a refund either tonight or tomorrow morning. HOWEVER if you don't get them in that time frame file a claim so YOU are secure in getting your cash back!

      Those of you who paid with concealed cash or mony orders, Meelee gets paid this Saturday. Bracelets and money will be sent out sometime this week. They are all in her car waiting to go.

      I am sorry I can't offer more for you guys who have paid via cash or money order ): I will be sure to call her all this week once she has been paid and if I need to I'll go over to her place and pick your your stuff and send it out myself. SO expect your things to be sent out on the 7th or 8th of Feb. Myself or Meelee will PM you when they are sent out.

      Again, I'm sorry guys. I'm doign everything I can to make this better for you guys. :)
    13. Thank you so much, Syndal_lynn! I was getting concerned that she was really ill or something. I'm glad she's alright and that this will be settled. I've been wanting jellie bracelets that fit bigger dolls for a long time and I was excited when I found her shop.

      It's nice of her to refund us the money and to also send us the bracelets. I was worried that I would be out of thirteen bucks. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it is when I'm jobless!
    14. Good heavens, you sweet thing, you are doing MORE than enough, gosh!! :) You are VERY very kind to help us get what we paid for, and I sincerely THANK YOU for all of your efforts. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

      It really isn't necessary (just speaking for myself here) for Meelee to refund my money AND send me the bracelets. I am happy to pay for what I bought, I just expected her to follow through with our transaction by sending me what I bought. If she sends me my bracelets, she can keep the money. But as you said - if I don't have a refund by tomorrow afternoon/evening, I will open that paypal dispute just in case.

      THANK YOU AGAIN. It is in no way your personal responsibility to get us our stuff, and I really appreciate all you've been doing. :aheartbea :) :D
    15. Well if you want to its an option to repay her after you get your bracelets, but like I said, she's going to just go ahead and refund you guys and send you your stuff. :) We (and me as well!) justw ant everyone to be happy though this ^^;;; We apolgise for this and I do hope everyone gets there stuff very soon ^______^ *hugs*

      I know whta its like to buy stuff and wait forever for it, so if I get a chance to help others out, I do ^^;; Knowing Meelee personally, she's not out to keep your'alls money. She just gets really busy and puts things on the back burner. But be assured she has thusly decided to hop on it and get thinsg straighted out. :P And I am here with my whip to make sure everythign gets done :P
    16. syndal_lynn Once again, thank you so much. I was one of those that paid with a money order. I feel like Sher does in that she does not need to refund my money if she is going to send out the bracelets. I really just want the bracelets. I look forward to receiving them and am very happy with this good news. Thank you for all your help.
    17. Hey again guys, update time ^^

      Meelee did one refund tonight for whomever filed the claim for it. Unfortunatlys he doesn't have the money to do the others, so she said if you want your refund, file the paypal claim. :) That way when she gets paid on Sat. (She gets direct deposited into her account) she can just go into her account and hit the 'refund' button for the claims. Those of you who don't feel the need to have a refund PM me and tell me. Please do go ahead and file the claim JUST IN CASE and I will tell Marie who does not actually need the money refunded so long as the bracelets actually get sent on the 7th or 8th. :)

      If you gusy do PM me, include the email you paid her with. ^^ If you paid with cash or moneyorder and would like just your bracelets, just PM me as she has your sn's with your orders. ^^

      Any questions feel free to post it on this thread or PM me. ^^
    18. I filed per your suggestion Syndal_lynn... if the bracelets arrive I will cancel the dispute (or, if it's too late, I'll pay Meelee).

      Thank you so much for all your hard work that really you shouldn't have to do. Thank you!
    19. :bump bumping up for any news from meelee...?
    20. Any updates?