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Paging Meggilu!! - RESOLVED

Nov 17, 2007

    1. Hey all, :(

      I feel so bad having to do this, because she's been awfully kind so far (just really slow) but I miss my boy and feel like I have no other choice!

      I commissioned Meggilu for a faceup over a month and a half ago (it was free, but I paid shipping both ways) and I still haven't gotten my boy's head back! The faceup was done about three weeks ago (she sent me the pictures of his beautiful faceup when it was done) and told me she would ship him out that next Monday. The days kept rolling and rolling and every time I PM'd her, she still hadn't sent him out. I asked her to please PM when she shipped him, but still nothing. I recently PM'd her, but she still hasn't replied even though she's been logged on.

      I don't wanna cause any problems. :( And maybe I'm being paranoid and overly worried and quick to complain. But I move around a lot and I'm having to reschedule some of that to make sure I don't miss my boy if I'm at a different address. I just want him back and I'm so worried!

      I'm sure she's busy (she mentioned a new job), but surely....she got him on October 1st....I miss him!

      If anyone has heard from her, or Meggilu, if you see this, please get in touch with me! I'm worried! I have nothing against you at all, just please let me know what's up! :...(
    2. Bumping! :( Please?
    3. Found her, problem taken care of! Please delete! ^^
    4. Yep! Sorry about that! Everything was handled and completed. Delay from lack of time and an unexpected hiring of a new job.