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Resolved Paging Meggilu - RESOLVED

Oct 17, 2011

    1. Meggilu has been in contact with me, so I don't necessarily need her attention, but I feel that my experience needs to be known to the community, and that a solution needs to be reached.

      Meggilu currently has two of the 3 heads I had sent her to paint

      1) Soom Laon, sent from myself in early July
      2) Delf Soony, sent from Chienism in early July (my head, was just with chienism)
      3) BF Hana, Sent from myself in mid august (I had won meggilu's free face up contest, this was the head I sent)

      163$+ invested.
      The total I received from meggilu
      $78 x 2 = $156
      + 5 eyelashes app. = $161
      + 15 for tattoo = $176
      - $25 dwn pay = $151
      + $12 shipping with insurance for $300
      = $163 Total

      Very soon after I sent my heads I realized an extreme slowing of her commissions, but remained patient.

      Mid August: I contacted meggilu asking if my Soony would be back by September so she could go to a doll meet.

      August 23rd: "I know, school starts soon, that's why I'm freaking out! I was hoping to get a good portion of the list done by now and failed. Really got blindsided with life. I would love to get your Soony done before September starts. I like the ideas you have for her and hopefully that will push me to get her done (because it's fun). Gah! Work work work! ^_^"

      September 2nd: "Just wanted to give you a heads up and know I am starting your Soony!"

      September 7th: I received a USPS notification that my soony had shipped.

      September 4th: My soony arrived in a priority mail box that was crushed *photo*, but my doll was fine. I never did mention the box to Meggilu because my doll was fine.

      So my soony was done and perfect, but there were still my two heads left.

      September 27th: I contacted meggilu for an update.

      September 27th: She responded saying she was having issues with depression and school was starting back up but that she'd get my heads back as soon as possible

      October 13th: I haven't heard anything, nor seen any face up updates on her flickr page, so I contact her once again for an update.

      October 13th: she replies "Hello. I'm really sorry to worry you. They will be done and back to you before Halloween. I just need those 3 days to complete them. When I do get a chance to work on dolls they will be yours. Thank you for messaging me. It does help me focus on what I need to do. I will message you tomorrow about starting them."

      October 13th: she again replies "I was able to start some of your boy today. I will probably do him and your little girl side by side. If I get home early tomorrow I will start on her."
      *note - boy = laon, girl = hana

      October 17th - I write an email asking the status of my heads,and saying if they aren't finished by this point, I'll be opening a problem transaction thread.

      October 17th - Meggilu replies that they are not completed, but she will push to get them done by Wednesday (October 19th) She points out a blog she had posted October 2nd.(http://blog.meggilu.com/2011/10/lots-of-esplainin-to-do.html) she lastly mentions that she did not realize her commissions were still marked as open on DoA (she has now marked it as closed)

      I have been second in line in her que for a month now, I realize personal issues, weather, and other things just happen.
      But this is a business and it needs to be handled professionally. Deadlines do not need to be broken.

      The solution I'd like:
      1)My Loan and Hana to be in my hands, completed and done well, by October 31st
      2) My initial shipping charge of 12$ to be refunded if I'm asked to pay shipping again.

      I am also opening this thread to anyone else who has been waiting with meggilu, please add your information.
    2. Meggilu was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. One thing I would like to mention is that you will not be charged for shipping again. I understand that this is already paid for. So not to worry.
    4. '

      ok :) I wasn't sure.
      Just when I put this thread together I realized it!
      If shipping ends up being different, just let me know and I can reimburse or w/e.
    5. Meggilu updated me via email stating that they'll be finished tonight and on their way home tomorrow morning :)

      saw a preview shot of my laon on her flickr, he looks awesome so far :)
    6. They have been shipped this morning. Hope they get home safe!
    7. heads arrived.
      they are perfect!

      consider this happily resolved :)