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Paging Meladori - RESOLVED

Jan 14, 2010

    1. I entered into a layaway purchase of a modded Rosy doll with Meladori in November. We agreed upon 6 total payments of $90 each for a total of $540, each sent on my payday, every two weeks.

      I sent one payment, then Meladori joined a Dollmore group order and ended up owing me about $8 in place of the next payment. I sent two more payments on schedule, each of which Meladori confirmed receiving. She was always friendly and we chatted back and forth, so after I sent a payment on Christmas Eve and she hadn't confirmed it within a few days I started to worry. She had written that she would be on the forums a lot more regularly after Christmas, but she usually answered my PMs quickly so I would have expected a PM notice email to get her attention.

      I was supposed to send my last payment this past Friday, but since I hadn't heard from her I decided to hold off. If she contacts me I will happily complete the transaction.. though at this point I think I would feel better sending the last payment after receiving the doll.. as a show of good faith from her.

      She last logged into the forums on Dec 20. I have sent her several PMs and emails since my PM requesting confirmation that she received the 12/24 payment. I filed a claim on my third payment last Thursday, since it was about to leave the window of time in which I could do so. I told her that I would open claims on the other two payments in one week (that'll be tomorrow) if I hadn't heard back.

      The DoA member who modded the Rosy for her has also tried to help me contact her. I asked last week if she had any other way to contact her and she offered to mail a letter with my phone number and address so that she can get in contact with me if she has lost internet access, or so a family member can contact me, should the unthinkable have happened. :(

      I'm opening this thread just to do what I can to follow up on this, and in the hopes that someone can help me get in touch with her.

      Meladori I hope everything's okay, please get in touch with me asap! :sweat
    2. An update to add that I have now opened paypal disputes on the other two eligible payments that were sent in December, though I have not escalated the first. I have until the 25th to do that and I am hoping someone gets in touch as a result of the letter that was sent.
    3. Meladori was last on the forum 20DEC. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. Still no word. If someone has a way to get in touch with Meladori, I'd appreciate it if you could give her the message that I'm looking for her! I've tried her through Email, PM and even jumped on Yahoo messenger a few times in the hopes she might be online, but nuthin!

      I'm very worried that something's happened to her. Most people would try to communicate after three paypal disputes had been opened.
    5. Frustrating Update: I've found her on Facebook (using her email address and the profile I found confirmed Meladori as one of her aliases), busy playing farmville. There is also a vague unhappy post from her on her wall just hours after I initiated the paypal dispute.

      I am afraid Meladori has moved on and taken my money with her. I will give her a chance to respond to my message and then escalate my paypal claims if she hasn't responded or has brushed me off.
    6. I had contacted the person identified on facebook as her brother on Tuesday (in addition to contacting Meladori), but he has been playing Farmville as of this morning, so I will assume he will not be responding to my message. Meladori has not updated her facebook wall (at least not publicly) since Sunday (a Farmville status update).

      Yesterday I sent another message via Paypal that I am happy to call the transaction complete and send my last payment if she will send the doll.

      It has been suggested that I mention that this doll was sent to Meladori by karma_kannibal for Meladori to sell. The money for the sale was supposed to be partial repayment for the money karma_kannibal accepted from the original Fran and Balthier MNM group orders, which she did not send to Denny but used for personal purposes instead.

      So apparently Meladori has not only ripped me off, but also several others on the board, by her actions. This includes the modification artist who repaired Rosy pro bono out of sympathy for the situation.
    7. I went ahead and escalated my paypal disputes to claims, just to secure any money she might actually still have in Paypal (I was under the impression that a dispute would do that, but I found a page from which I inferred that was not the case).
    8. Rosy was mailed Wednesday. She was sent by priority mail and was insured.

      I would prefer to not go into details in this thread, but I have pm'd plasticnoodles and I will pm a mod if needed.
    9. I am very grateful to Meladori for returning to DoA to let me know what's going on. I will update this thread when Rosy arrives.
    10. I have picked up a package from Meladori this morning. It is pouring out and I do not have my camera to document anything so I will open it when I get home tonight and report back.
    11. http://www.plasticnoodles.com/Rosy/

      Rosy arrived today. There was an unpleasant glob of lipstick or something on the box, but aside from a red mark on Rosy's heel that will not be an issue, she is in great shape.

      Meladori told me in her PM that she is having a hard time getting to the computer to deal with Paypal, etc., and that she doesn't feel she is capable of handling this transaction. I am going to ask the karma_kannibal paging group if they want me to continue my claims and send them the money if I get it back, or if they want to continue to have me deal with Meladori.

      As far as I'm concerned, I will be sending the final $90 to *someone* (or several someones) and I consider this Paging thread RESOLVED.

      Thanks everyone who helped me try to get in touch with Meladori, and to Meladori for contacting me as soon as you were able!
    12. Just a follow-up that while I was waiting for the karma_kannibal group to let me know what they wanted me to do, Paypal ruled in my favor and the $270 that I was able to dispute is in the process of transferring back to my account. Once it's clear and I've got names from that group I'm going to divvy up the total (plus $90 for the last payment) and send it out to everyone to avoid one more middle step. And I can send them as personal payments since I have nothing to 'lose' anymore. :)