Resolved Paging Meloncakedoll or Clients of Meloncakedoll! - RESOLVED

Feb 15, 2011

    1. Hey everyone!

      Right now, I'm in kind of a predicament. Meloncakedoll was offering free face-ups, and I decided to take one in November. I finally sent her my head in mid-December and she got to work on it after the holidays... Now, she sent me her first progress shot and all was well. She was great at communicating with me and when I gave her feedback on her work.

      I have not heard from her in over a month now and I'm starting to worry. Her shop is closed and she says that she is out of town for a family emergency and such. I totally understand that for sure, but she also writes that she had PM'ed all her clients before she left... I did not hear from her. I've PM'ed her twice now with no response... She says on her shop before she left that she'd be trying to check her PM's here when she can...

      Are there any others out there who have commissioned her, and have you heard from her? Does she have a head of yours?

      I'm hoping she sees this thread, or if there is anyone out there in the same spot as me... I'm going to be studying abroad soon over in France, and I really want to bring my doll with me. The date for my departure is coming very soon and I'm starting to get nervous.

      Any help/advice is very much appreciated. I thought that posting here would help get others aware of the situation, just in the worst case scenario...

      Thanks - Lindsay. <3
    2. meloncakedoll was last on the forum 28JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated. You might want to post a link to this thread in her commissions thread.
    3. Thanks so much. I'll keep updating here if I hear anything from her. I'm starting to et nervous, especially since she has been on the forum kinda recently...


      I'll post this to her commission thread as well.
    4. Still nothing... I feel like it's useless to keep PM'ing her? Should I use the e-mail feature and hope it gets to her there? I want my doll back soon... TT_TT
    5. She has my MNF ShuShu head as well so its not just you. She told me as well she has family emergency and will be out of town for awhile. She last contacted me 1/25/11. She said she would contact me within a few days time of that message, but nothing yet. Just wanted to post and say you ain't alone :3
    6. Awesome, I'm really glad there is someone else who feels my pain! I have not heard from her since Jan. 12th, so that's why I started to worry. I hope she gets back to me soon! <3 Please keep me updated if you hear from her. :D
    7. I will do so!! Hopefully it wont be too much longer.
    8. Still nothing on my end. How about you? <3

      Anyone else? xoxo
    9. Nothing ; ;
    10. Is it possible if a mod can check if she has been on lately? <3
    11. She has not been on the forum since 28JAN. Please keep posts in this thread informative. Thanks.
    12. Sorry. I have no information to share unfortunately... This is my problem. The one and only doll I have is kind of MIA and I leave for three months in France very soon where I'm not sure what my internet access will be like. I was just wonder if she had been on again by any chance.

      I'll stop posting until I get contact from her.
    13. To everyone on this thread...
      I have PMed MissLindsay and Akina's Song regarding this matter.
      I apologize for my long absence on DOA and I hope to resolve this with everyone ASAP.
    14. Everything is resolved! I have final pictures of my completed head, and it looks incredible. <3
    15. Please post to this thread when the doll heads have been returned. Thank you, Akina's Song and missLINDSAYxoxo.
    16. I shipped the heads on March 9, 2011 and have yet to hear from either to CONFIRM they received it. I requested that they contact me as soon as they got it.

      Here are the tracking numbers as proof that the items were DELIVERED on March 11, 2011...
      Akina's Song: 0310 3490 0000 4821 3619
      Lindsayxoxo: 0310 3490 0000 4821 3626

      I wanted to get this matter resolved asap, but have yet to hear from the girls and it has already been more than a week since they were supposed to have received the packages.

      To Mod Zagzagael: Is there anyway to consider this matter resolved at this point? I do not like that my status is still set as being "paged" when I have done all i could on my end. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    17. Sorry I haven't written. I did get mine back, just been busy with work I lost track of things. Sorry melon lol.