Paging Melusine - RESOLVED

Feb 8, 2010

    1. I have already filed a dispute with Paypal, but I'd like to do all I can to locate her.

      I PMed her about a Dollmore Eve body before the new year but she replied on January 4 due to moving into a new house and didn't have internet. We agreed on $300 USD even for shipping and fees. I asked for layaway within the month, which she was fine with. I sent the first $100 on January 11 and contact remained good if not a bit slow, but whatever. I sent the remaining $200 on Jan 21. She informed me she should ship the body two or three days later (Tuesday/Wednesday) and give me a tracking number. This is when all contact stopped.

      It's been over a week, and while I feel like I may be jumping the gun, I'm quite nervous as she promised to give me a tracking number and I have received no word from her.
      I filed the dispute two days ago, have sent 3 PMs and still nothing.

      I'm still holding onto hope she's just gotten unexpectly busy or something, but the 45-day limit Paypal puts on filing claims was slowly approaching on the first $100 I sent.

      I hope this all works out :C Melusine, should you reply to my PMs or the dispute and give me a working tracking number I'll understand completely and I won't leave negative feedback or anything, I just want my body.
    2. Melusine was last on the forum 23JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Still nothing... :/
    4. Hi Emerald,

      I'm so sorry about the delay.
      I totally understand your concern.
      I was in the hospital. I had a terrible asthma episode while teaching a little more than two weeks ago and was taken to hospital where I was diagnosed with pneumonia.
      I checked out last Tuesday. Since I live alone, there was no one to let you know. I am terribly sorry.
      Your parcel is ready to go, and I'm taking it right now to the post office.
      I will send you the tracking number and the scan of the receipt later on today.

      Again, I apologize for the worry I caused you.

      With my best regards,
    5. Hi! I received your PM. Everything has been resolved, I was just a bit too nervous about the situation, haha.