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Paging mendokusai - RESOLVED

Aug 23, 2010

    1. I wish it didn't boil down to this but i know im personally lost and im sure im not alone.

      I commissioned Mendo to do faceups on my three puki sugar faceplates, the agreement was $20 per plate and i payed for shipping with insurance and tracking both ways, since these plates were a gift and mean a lot to me.
      on Jan 25th 2010 i sent her the $74.10 usd and by the begining of Feb i had the plates packed up and sent to her.
      I didnt hear much and i didnt want to bother her since shes busy, i didnt mind at first because she is so trustworthy in the comunity and easy to keep in touch with through here/live journal and emails. so i kept quiet and let her work on the lineup of transactions and deals she was working on before mine.
      By april 4th i finally got my first picture of my plates being worked on, just the placement of the eye brows and i thought they were great so i approved them. she said they should be done that week and theoretically sent out by the end of the week.
      April 7th i got more progress shots!

      Everything went silent for a bit and i heard from Saryn who is more in contact with her that something went wrong with the plates and they needed to be wiped so i wouldn't be getting them back yet.
      On May 20th i asked for any updates since i hadn't actually heard from Mendo on anything yet. she replied with no updates and apologized because the weather hasn't been co-operating and shes been sick.
      By June i was starting to get impatient. it was 5 months and i thought that was way too long for Puki plates. So i sent a msg explaining my side of things to see if maybe she can get some work done. she replied apologizing again.
      That was fine with me but by the sounds of it they were still blank after 5 months and anyone would be loosing hope by now.

      That was the last private message i received, after that everything whent silent and i was only hearing tidbits of info that Saryn was passing along to me. Finally i heard that she had some personal problems happening and she would be sending everything back to all her customers.
      On July 19th i received payment of $70.91usd with an explanation of how she cant do the faceups and shes sorry, and she will be combining my plates with Saryns doll to save on shipping since were in the same town. ive never had a refund issued so i asked why i was shorted $4 and she explained that was the paypal fee's (derp on me)

      Again i heard nothing but rumors through Saryn and other members that she was shipping soon and then nothing and she didn't ship and again she was shipping but then she didn't again.
      eventually i got tired of only hearing rumors and not hearing anything from mendo personally i shouldn't have to go looking/scrounging for news so i sent an email on Aug 16th "Still waiting for any word on when you'll be shipping my plates back. i would like tracking at very least since that was part of the deal. i don't appreciate how im being kept in the dark and only getting news through Saryn (though i have been very tolerable with all of it) this is my property your dealing with as well and your not handling this transaction very professionally.
      when will you be shipping? this is getting out of hand."

      its now Aug 22nd i have not heard anything from her since July 19th regarding my plates. its been 6 months and i think thats far too long to be holding onto someones stuff just to flake out. last i heard was from saryns mouth (again not direct from mendo) that she was sending them out last saturday aug 21st. (yesterday) but i haven't heard anything on if they have gotten out or not! or if there is tracking like we agreed.

      i just really want to know directly whats going on. im sad its come to this considering her reputation i thought things would be handled more professionally. I understand life can get hectic and bad things can happen but when your in a deal with someone there is only so many excuses before people get nervous.
    2. acording to her live journal (went fishing for any info) packages were sent out this weekend. ide like to keep this up until i have them in my hands if possible?
    3. I wish I didn't have to do this, but I'm tired of getting the run around.

      I entered a Group Order with Mendokusai on March 17th, ordering a LTF Leah and a MNF Lishe. Mendo agreed to do the faceup on both the OE and SP Lishe heads. The order was placed April 3rd, confirmed April 9th and it arrived May 28th. Mendo offered to send the LTF Leah immediately if I paid for shipping, and she would cover the shipping for the MNF when it was completed. I agreed and a short time thereafter, I had my LTF.

      Like Piffie, I didn't want to bug Mendo too much about the faceups, since I knew she had other heads and plates and whatnot to deal with, Piffie's included. I'd nudge her every once in awhile, or post on my blog. We chat a lot on MSN, and according to my message history I didn't actually ask about Lily until July 7th. I was told that she had screwed up on the faceups for the other dolls and would be re-doing them.

      On July 19th, Mendo messaged me saying; "i'm not gonna be able to do lily's face-up :( do you mind if i send piffie's faceplates with her to save shipping? :(" Which I agreed to, since Piffie and I are friends.

      On July 24th, I asked Mendo if she had shipped my doll. She told me that she would ship it the following Wednesday, the 28th. I agreed and waited patiently for my doll to arrive.

      Despite chatting with her in the meantime, it wasn't until August 12th that I found out she hadn't actually shipped my doll on the 28th. But Mendo said she had had company and hadn't been able to ship the package, but she would ship it Monday. I had just gotten a commission spot with Meggilu, and was eager to send off my doll heads to get faceupped. Mendo asked if I wanted her to send the heads along to Meggilu, and send the body to me. I agreed.

      On the 15th of August, I asked Mendo to have the package containing the MNF body, and Piffie's puki plates, to be shipped with a tracking number. I recieved no response, so I posted the same message on her blog.

      It was at about this time that Mendokusai, who was frequently on MSN even if she was away from the computer, started to appear offline almost constantly, making it hard to contact her.

      On the 17th, I poked Mendo and was told that her husband hadn't taken the car to the shop to get checked out and she didn't make it to the post office. Kirika Dawn, who is a mutual friend, helped me to find out what was going on when Mendo wasn't talking to me. I found out through her that Mendo would be shipping on the 20th. When I asked Mendo on the 20th, if she had sent the dolls, she said she would 100% have her husband send the dolls on Saturday, the 21st. I told her to let me know when the package
      s were sent and what the tracking number was, if she could get tracking on the one package.

      I haven't heard from her since.

      I consider Mendo a good friend and I'm sorry I have to do this, but I'd really like some information about what's going on. Oh, and my doll to be shipped. I'm tired of getting a string of excuses, and feeling like I'm being the bad guy for inquiring about my doll.
    4. mendokusai was last on the fourm 20AUG. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    5. i haven't been giving anybody the run-around, everything has been mailed and shipping info has been given now that i'm actually able to sit down at the comp. when i gave the original shipping estimate i said it should be the 28th, but my FIL died last month and it's been very stressful, along with a flood of additional stress that is nobody's business. i said that i had no idea what things would be like with everything going on, and have said in my sig for a good month now that i would be extremely slow replying. i haven't been appearing offline, i have BEEN offline. there's no need for a paging thread, especially when i had already said everything was mailed. i'd appreciate if this would be deleted because there is absolutely no point to it. i have a perfectly good history here over the past four years and am not about to start screwing anybody over now.
    6. I understand your going through a lot of personal stuff. but this is the first contact ive had with you in awhile despite emails. I know you have a bunch on your shoulders that's why ive been so patient, but when my attempts to make contact/get information from you go ignored and instead i see journal entry's or only hear information passed along saryn i find it a bit unprofessional. At the first sign of trouble everything should have been sent back to avoid any delays.
      i dont think im being screwed over and your history and reputation are why i was so comfortable with you having my plates for 6 months, this is just an attempt to get in contact with you personally.
      you seem to forget that my possessions are with saryns, i was never asked from you if it was ok to send them together and i was never clarified on the type of shipping and i still haven't heard from you on if we have tracking. just because were in the same town doesn't mean i can be disregarded in this transaction.
      I'm glad to hear they have been shipped and i suppose i should ask saryn regarding tracking numbers.
      thanks for replying. with everyones co-operation we should get this mess cleaned up quickly. =)
    7. I am sorry I had to do this, Mendo, but I really felt that I had no choice. Four times you said you'd ship my doll to me. I heard nothing at all from you on Saturday or Sunday about anything being shipped on Saturday, directly or indirectly, so I concluded that once again you hadn't shipped anything. As of my previous posting to this thread, shortly before heading to work, I still hadn't been informed that you had shipped. And I'm sorry, but I didn't read your blog until this morning.

      I don't understand why you didn't tell me that you hadn't shipped on the 28th until I asked on the 12th, especially considering that you and I had talked on the 3rd and my MSN is constantly logged in. I would have appreciated knowing that my doll was still in your possession. I didn't even find out that you would be trying to ship things on Friday except through someone else.

      Like Piffie, I don't think I'm being screwed over. I know you're trustworthy and a consider you a friend. But you've had my doll for four months, and it's been over a month since you said you'd have to send her back because you couldn't do the faceup. With Piffie riding my bum about getting her puki plates back after so long, and me seemingly existing as the soul source of contact between you and her, each failed attempt at shipping became a little more frustrating.

      I'm glad you've finally shipped the packages and I'm excited to have my doll home (her body, anyway).
    8. i didn't mention it because it completely slipped my mind, i seriously have a LOT going on right now, and all of it takes significantly higher priority. saturday was split between trying to not vomit up my internal organs, and trying to muster the energy to help my brother plan for my mom's 50th birthday yesterday. i'm sorry i'm not like some people and prefer to keep the majority of my personal life as personal. and i'm glad you think i'm so trustworthy and a good friend, because i'm definitely feeling it here.
    9. Please ONLY update this thread when the items have arrived. Thank you.
    10. The Lishe heads arrived at the commissioner's on the 26th.

      The MNF body and Puki heads arrived today. Piffie is out of town on vacation at the moment, but I've left her a few messages to try and let her know her puki heads have arrived.
    11. Is this resolved then?
    12. My part in it is. I don't know about Piffie.
    13. i don't see how this could not possibly be resolved. can my status PLEASE be removed?
    14. As soon as Piffie posts as "resolved" we can close and change your status.
    15. piffe's stuff was sent with saryn's in the same box, it is all there at saryn's house, and saryn has left her messages letting her know.