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Unresolved Paging Mephistol - MEMBER MP BANNED

Nov 20, 2009

    1. I don't know about the other split members but I am getting very uncomfortable with the long wait so I have to take the initiative. Mephistol, I apologize if I seem impatient as I'm pressed for time and you've been communicative until the last week but I believe this has gone for too long.

      Mephistol is the host for several Soom splits: Glot/Glati x2, Heliot and the Amber split I'm currently participating.

      14-10-2009 - She sent mass PM saying Amber is home
      1 week later - I PMed her asking for an update on shipping info and asked her to provide a shipping quote --> this should have been her responsibility as GO leader =/
      22-10-09 - Her response:
      - 7 hrs later another PM - she needed my shipping address
      - then another PM later asking me what my split parts were..
      29-10-2009 - [2 weeks since Amber arrived] I sent a PM asking about when shipping was and that I needed a shipping quote
      1-11-2009 - Her response:
      4-11-2009 - I sent her a PM saying that since it has already taken too long, I wanted a priority shipping quote too in addition to the regular shipping quote. Last response I receive was on 1/11/09.
      5-11-2009 - [3 weeks since Amber arrived] At this point I was getting desperate as I'll be going on holiday and needed things settle quickly before then as international shipping will take some time. I informed her of this and reminded her that it has been ~23 days since Amber arrived at her place. Since there has not been any shipping quotes yet, I added to say that I wanted tracking and insurance too. I asked for the quote to be sent within the week and if possible for my parts to be shipped as well. I also told her that I would be forced to open a problem transaction if this went on for much longer.
      Same day response:
      6-11-2009 - Glot/Glati delivery notice
      9-11-2009 - She sent me a shipping quote for priority mail 4 days after, not 'tomorrow' but still I thanked her for the update
      13-11-2009 - I sent a PM asking if she managed to ship it out yet - PM not read - no response
      17-11-2009 - Over 1 week after shipping quote - sent another PM saying if I don't have a reply within 48 hours I'll open a problem transaction thread - PM not read - no response
      20-11-2009 - Paging thread opened.

      Her last log-in was on 16-11-2009. It has been 38 days since Amber arrived at her place and there hasn't been any word on shipping yet. I understand that this thread could probably be premature because of Glot/Glati's arrival added into the mix but making us wait for over a month? To me this has kicked aside courtesy and bearing on her responsibilities as a GO leader.
    2. Mephistol is now Being Paged.
    3. I've received confirmation that my part has been shipped, thanks! I don't have a tracking number but I will update here when they have already arrived.
    4. After some thought I have decided to add myself to this thread.
      I am also in one of the splits being run by Mephistol and despite the fact that the arrival of our split dolls has been confirmed Mephistol has not replied to any of my pms regarding shipping.
      I trust that Mephistol will get our items out I would just like some level of communication as I have heard nothing in regards to shipping at this time. :(
    5. Updating to say that I received my package yesterday and just in time before my travels! I'm sure it would have been shipped eventually but time was becoming a factor as a month fly by and approaching my travel time. It was very well packed and everything seems to be in order. Mephistol had it shipped on 11/11 but was not able let me know as there was no communication since the shipping quote. I am currently awaiting for her response so I can pay her the price of the shipping. To get it shipped took well over a month, however I'm thankful to say that things are working out and this is resolved on my part :). I'm sure the others will receive theirs in due course too.
    6. I was wondering if anyone had any alternative method of contacting mephistol? Is there possibly a real life friend who could help me contact her?
      I am going to be traveling soon and I really need to get my hooves before I leave.

      If anyone has an e-mail address, an msn name or anything please contact me.
    7. I have pm'd you her info. I had a bad commission transaction with her..hope this helps.
    8. Im adding myself. Pretty much the same as everyone else, Im in a split for a Glot (blank head, body and horns/wings)

      She said that the dolls had arrived a few weeks ago, and asked for my details and what parts I had brought, I Pm-ed her and quoted her original post in the main split thread that listed what parts I had ordered, She didn't reply so I waited a week then mailed her again asking if the doll had been shipped yet.
      She replied asking again what parts I had ordered and that she was still having problems finding suitable packaging, I replied pretty much the same as my first post, but I haven't heard from her since.

      I need my hooves here soon too. I know she said she had some RL issues and was having trouble finding boxes for all the parts.

      Over all I haven't had any problems with Mephistol, and I actually feel rather bad that I've been "nagging" her, shes very pleasant and very understanding, but I am now getting worried that my girl wont be here in time :<

      Id really just like a date so I know if I have to make arrangements for someone to collect her on my behalf :<
    9. Catdancer, I don't see any evidence that you've had a bad transaction with Mephistol in her feedback thread.

      I might as well add myself to the worried paging thread. I am in the Glati split for the clothes. I was not notified of the split's delivery until this paging thread was opened. After pming her about it, Mephistol pm'd back to ask what I paid for and my address. She hasn't been online since then. I hope she's ok, esp if she has rl problems going on atm.

      After waiting this long and recieving no notifications of any kind initiated by Mephistol, I would really like my Glati Clothes delivered asap and thence my part of this transaction to be done.
    10. Im adding myself too.
      i'm buying an euclase body with dead hands on layaway (last 50$ i need to pay). last time i've asked her again to weight this and send me a shipping price (i want to send last layaway part with money for shipping), she said "ok, i'll do it on saturday nov.22". today is dec.2 and no responce from her... o___o
    11. I got a pm from Mephistol and she says in her split thread that it was family troubles which delayed her replies and shipping.
      I am awaiting a reply on when my hooves will be shipped. :)
      Hopefully everyone's things will be showing up soon!
    12. Got a PM today from Mephistol saying that my hooves have shipped out today. So fingers crossed she arrives before I go O_O; will update when she arrives.
    13. got pm's from Mephistol, still waiting for shipping price :>
    14. I didn't get a pm...
      But I'm assuming for the better that my stuff is included in the shipping out packages.
      I just worry that because my part are clothes, I won't be considered as important as everyone else's resin. Oh well, let's hope for the best :)
    15. You might want to send along a pm including which items where yours and your shipping address. I did and it seemed to be helpful to Mephistol. :sweat

    16. akasora; Sorry if I didn't say that earlier, but I did when I was pmed asking for my address.
      I even sent it again with a read reciept, because I wanted to make sure she had read it (esp with DoA going MIA occasionally) So I know she's read it, and it's up to her now :)
    17. Paid for Euclase head. Wating for shipment price more then 1 month.
    18. I joined the Glot split Mephistol ran as well. When I pm'd her a couple of months back saying I was able to pay inquring how much I owed her. We had agreed that I would pay for the hooves once she arrived. To which she replied saying she said she didn't think the parts had been taken and would sell them to me.

      The parts had been taken, by me, as clearly stated in her thread and I was still willing to pay for them even though I no longer owned the doll I intended to use them for as I felt unfair to drop from the split after so long. Which I told her in the PMs. She said she would contact me again once they arrived, this was back in September. I've given up now and dropped from the split. Her communication was terrible, unable to even keep track of who had taken which parts clearly offering to give the part I had reserved away. If I had paid earlier I would've been incredibly worried about this.

      I hope the rest of you get the parts you've actually paid for from her.
    19. Replying to say that I have received my Glot this morning! so all is well on my end!
    20. That is fantastic news Tashayarna!
      Can I ask the people who are receiving their parts what shipping method she has used? So that I can try to estimate how much longer I have to wait. :sweat