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Mar 1, 2010

    1. Problems with michelleP.

      I bought a dollmore kid body from her with a kaye wiggs headback. Sales thread did not list any problems with the doll nor did she tell me of any when I PMed her. She did inform me through PM that the doll was blushed, and asked if I minded that, but I said no.

      On 2/9 she claimed she was packing up the doll and would have it mailed out and a tracking number to me by 4pm. This did not happen. According to the receipt on the box it was not shipped until 2/15 and it took badgering to get the tracking number from her.

      When I received the doll I noticed that the blushing was rubbing off horribly all over. Upon further inspection I found that the doll was poorly wired and had been sueded but this had dried up and was peeling or damaged horribly. During my examination I found knicks around the neck hole, and one of the knees had tiny dents.

      The biggest problem is that the toes had been separated and gouged in to, and the foot has scoring marks in it.

      MichelleP claims to have not known about any of this damage, and passed the blame off to the person she bought the doll from not telling her about any of it.

      The doll was also filthy, as discovered upon removal of the blushing.

      I have asked for a partial refund so that I may buy new feet, but at this point she has not come through with it. Communication has lagged to the point of nearly a week between each time she is on.

      I would not do business with michelleP again.
    2. I am getting anxious about my current transaction with MichelleP. I bought the Uyoo Elf fullset she offered for sale in the marketplace in January, made both payments when I said I would, had trouble both times getting confirmation that the payments had arrived. She finally contacted me on 2/29 asking for my street address for UPS shipping, I gave it to her and she replied promptly saying the doll would go out that same day. That was the last time I heard from her. I have PM'd her asking for a tracking number for UPS and have also sent an email with no reply. No sign of the doll as yet. Two weeks is rather a long time when we're both in the same country.

      I do hope this transaction doesn't turn out badly! *fret*
    3. --correction of typo in above: her last PM to me was on 2/24, not 2/29 (couldn't've very well PM'd on a date that doesn't exist =)
    4. MichelleP was last on the forum 8MAR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    5. Well, this is certainly a quick resolution. My Uyoo arrived this evening, March 11. According to her tracking number, she was mailed March 5th.

      Though she's supposed to be a "Glory of Love" fullset, her outfit is almost completely different from the website photos, and she's missing her tiara, boots and staff, plus one, um, leg sleeve. (She's also wearing a different wig than the one in the pix, though i guess that can be random.)

      She's clean, unmarred, has her original Soom box and paperwork, and her faceup is in perfect shape; so I guess I'll let it go at that. But I will certainly not deal with MichelleP again.
    6. Still have yet to get a response to my last PM asking for a refund for new feet.

      Sorry to hear about your girl, Angelynx, claiming it was a fullset and then not sending parts certainly doesn't sound like closure. I hope you leave her feedback reflecting the missing items
    7. Yes, I've done that.
      Still no reply from her to any of my last five messages.
      I'm really sorry about your troubles with her and hope she contacts you soon.
    8. MichelleP was last on the forums yesterday but has failed to read my last PM to her, let alone respond. I have sent another one today in hopes of solving this problem.
    9. o01101011
      has refund and discounted body that was sold as is

      has item delivered by UPS and working on missing pieces/or difference by Soom

    10. I did receive the partial refund from MichelleP for the damaged feet.

      As far as I am concerned this matter has been resolved.
    11. this body was sold as is...I have never had any expierences with this body, did not know about the toes being seperated poorly, or the blushing/doll being filth, as I got an Unoa body and no longer needed it after purchasing...the reason I offered it for 30. less than what I paid WITH a Kaye Wiggs faceplate that was selling for 65. IF you could get one.
      With a discount and selling as is, was still as kind as I could be about the damage and agreed on REFUNDING more for the feet that I did have photographed on the sale thread.

    12. I find it truly hard to believe you missed any of this damage and find it incredibly insulting that you seem to think you can play the pity "well I lost out on money" card. I appreciate the refund, I do, but continuing on like this is ridiculous when the damage and faults were very obvious from the start, whether you've had experience with this company's body or not. Especially when I could have bought a new head back and body, in perfect condition for merely $30 more.

      But as you have said, live and learn.

      Images of the damage for record;
      Note this is just a sample of the damage, I am not including all of the pictures

      Damaged blushing-
      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v233/Smee1031/Doll Pictures/003.jpg
      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v233/Smee1031/Doll Pictures/014.jpg

      Please note I was not able to get a good picture of the other foot which has the outer toes gouged into on the bottom.
      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v233/Smee1031/Doll Pictures/026.jpg

      Old Sueding-
      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v233/Smee1031/Doll Pictures/021.jpg

      Cleaned portion on left, original on right;
      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v233/Smee1031/Doll Pictures/035.jpg
      http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v233/Smee1031/Doll Pictures/046.jpg