Jan 4, 2010

    1. I posted a WTB in the marketplace for a Puki Sugar face plate and got a response from Miku_Doll who was willing to sell me one.

      They were very good about communicating, provided photos, and was patient while they answered my questions. We reached an agreement and I bought the face plate from Miku_Doll for $45 plus $20 for shipping (tracking and insurance included) from Spain to the United States. I sent the payment via Pay Pal on Dec. 7th. Payment was acknowledged and I was told it would be mailed "tomorrow" (which would have been Dec. 8th).

      On the 10th, since I hadn't received any further communications confirming shipment, I sent a PM asking for an update. Again, communication was fast and I was told it has not shipped but would be shipped "tomorrow" (so now tomorrow would be Dec. 11th).

      I still didn't get any kind of confirmation so on the 15th I again sent a PM asking for an update. This is the reply I got:

      I'm not sure what they tried to send me since this message seems unclear and incomplete. I did not get any PMs on the 12th so I asked them to resend the message. Since this point I have received no further communications from Miku_Doll.

      After my PM on the 15th I sent another PM on the 17th and 30th of December, and Jan. 2nd asking them for some kind of confirmation of shipping and a tracking number (since I supposedly paid for one). I also sent them an email on Dec. 31st to the address I mailed my Pay Pal payment to asking them to contact me right away about this matter. Nothing.

      In the meantime, the face plate has not arrived in the mail. I'm not even sure it's been mailed, which is really all I want to know. If it has not been mailed yet I would like a refund. If I don't hear from Miku_Doll by Jan. 7th I will be filing a dispute with Pay Pal because I don't really know what else to do to get a response to my simple question.

      Anyway, PLEASE just contact me soon! That's all I'm asking, thanks.
    2. Miku_Doll was last on the forum 31DEC. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Update:

      I finally received a response to my multiple messages to Miku_Doll yesterday. He/she provided me with a tracking number but did not tell me when the face plate was supposedly mailed even though I asked many times for them to tell me that.

      Another problem, the tracking number does not work. I checked with both the USPS and Spain's post website tracking. Neither website recognize the number.

      I PM Miku_Doll again (getting tired of this) telling them the number did not work and have yet to get a response even though I know they have visited the forum AFTER I sent that PM.

      I have sent another PM today. If I do not get a reply I will be filing a dispute with Pay Pal. Right now I'd rather have my money back then the face plate, it's just not worth all this trouble. :(
    4. Another Update:

      Miku_Doll sent me a link to check the tracking number. Unfortunately, this is the same link on Spain's post website I had already been checking and it still does not work for me. After sending repeated messages again to get them to help me track down the package I was left with no alternative but to file a Pay Pal dispute.

      Interestingly enough, even though I had not heard from them in days, they were able to send me a message about 15 minutes after my dispute was filed...convenient, yes? Basically they are very upset and wanted me to close the dispute and wait longer. But I'm tired of being nice and patient, the dispute has remained filed.

      During the course of the dispute I asked the seller for a refund but they refused, now claiming that since I didn't purchase insurance on the package they won't be responsible for it if it's lost. The problem is in our original shipping price agreement they told me tracking and insurance was included in the price. So it sounds like they didn't purchase insurance on the package even though I paid them to do my book that makes them responsible, not me. I have screen caps of these conversations which I provided to the seller as proof that they told me insurance was included in the shipping price.

      I have not heard from them since. That was January 16th. I'll give them a few more days to try and work this out but if they continue not talking to me I will go ahead and just escalate this to a claim and take my chances with Pay Pal.

      So this has not been resolved and I am extremely unhappy with the way Miku_Doll is handling this transaction.
    5. I see I'm not the only one having problems with her. :x
      I have sent a bunch of pms and I have not heard from here in three weeks, yet she was on a few days ago and has read the messages.

      Anyway, On December 7th, Miku_Doll and I came to an agreement for a trade. I would trade her my DoD Tender Zen for her DZ Leo and Puki Sugar with extra stuff. The next day she says that she sent them out. I asked her for the number on the customs form to use as tracking (and have asked her multiple times since) but she has not provided one.

      I sent her a message after Christmas asking again if/when she sent them out and she confirmed that she had and the mail was just slow due to the holiday. I have sent her multiple messages since as I have still not received my part of the trade and it is now the end of January. I live in the U.S and there is no customs here so the package would not be held up there. I have also not received any notice form the post office saying anything was attempted delivery. So without her providing me a customs number, I have no proof that she actually mailed out the package.

      Now regarding my part of the trade to her. I gave her the number on the customs form which does work for tracking. I sent the doll out on December 11th and according to the tracking, it went into customs on the 18th and left on the same day with attempted deliver on the 20th. Tracking has not updated since then.

      The problem is that Miku_Doll sent me pm's saying that customs contacted her saying that they were sending the doll back to me due to the way I mailed it. The person at the post office made sure I filled out the customs form correctly and the doll was in a box so I don't see what the problem was. Why I told Miku_Doll to explain more, she then changed it to 'it's because of your email'. That made absolutly no sense since my email was nowhere on the package or customs form; there isn't even a place for it.

      Then she was saying they needed some type of invoice from her to release the package to her (so it goes against the whole 'they're sending it back to you' that she told be previously), but I had no idea what she was talking about. We did not exchange any type of currence; it's purely a doll for doll(s) trade. The customs slip was attached to the box and that was the only thing I could think of that should could be talking about, in which case the Customs would already have it. the only other invoice I have is the receipt from the post office when I mailed the doll out.

      After just reading the other thread about her (just a few minutes ago) I see talk of Paypal and now beleive that she mixed me up with the other person regarding the invoice thing.

      Since that pm asking for the invoice, I have not heard back from her yet and I am very angry about this.
    6. I also find it interesting that I paid Miku_Doll for a Puki Sugar face plate on the same day (December 7th) that she agreed to trade a Puki Sugar to someone else. Does she really have two to sell and trade? I find that unlikely, not impossible, just unlikely.

      I have already escalated my Pay Pal dispute to a claim and I have not heard from Miku_Doll either here or in the Pay Pal resolution center since Jan. 16th.
    7. I am posting the pms regarding the invoice since it sounds like Miku_Doll may have mixed me and Joni up.

      Okay, I will copy and paste for you so I don't cause more confusion than there already is (her English is horrible).

      12-30-2009, 10:20 AM
      "Hi, I just spoke by telephone with the customs and they told me that you have not yet sent back, I have about 10 days longer to madar some things to send me, I have been asked to send my data together with an invoice of the wrist ... could send the bill?"

      01-06-2010, 09:59 AM
      "I need to know that when put in the package you sent and when you capture a payment when I buy the doll and told me that without the bill could not pass me the package and I send the invoice (or captured image of paypal payment) in the wrist.
      Please send it to me as soon as possible"

      (on this one she mentions the doll I'm sending her, but then mentions an invoice so I have no idea what is going on here)

      01-06-2010, 12:20 PM
      "I need is a copy of the invoice when you purchased your wrist and you paid
      (her response to when I asked what she was talking about with the invoice. I have no idea what she means by 'wrist'. Also, no $ was exchanged between us which is why I think she was mixing me up with you)
    8. LuckyXIII: Thanks for providing these PMs (and also for PMing me with this info). Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense to me either. I don't know what "bill", "invoice", or "wrist" she is referring to. She never asked me to send her anything, but I asked her repeatedly to send me a tracking number...which she finally provided, but as I stated above it does not work (in either Spain or the US).
    9. Hello Joni,

      I'm mod of the spanish forum, and since we've been having problems with this girl too, we banned her from the Marketplace.
      Moreover she sold the puki's faceplate there too, the faceplate arrived yesterday to his owner, but she was trying to trade it with another user of our forum. I don't know if she had diferent faceplates... But I'm pretty sure that she haven't any.
    10. Hi Joni,

      I am Chincheta, admin of the Spanish forums, and I unfortunately we have had some problems with her too...
      We have warned her to finish her transactions in Spirit of Doll forums in less than a week, and after that she is going to be banned from the Marketplace sub-forums.

      If you have any more problems with her, just tell us and we will try to find her for you.
    11. I got a pm from her yesterday and she said that she will try contacting the customs and post to see about the packages. Both the one I sent to her and the one she still says she sent out to me. She still did not give me a number.
    12. Update:

      Regarding the claim I filed in Pay Pal against Miku_Doll, Pay Pal has ruled in my favor. I'm also very fortunate because Pay Pal was also able to restore my entire loss of $65 from Miku_Doll and credited my funds accordingly. I'm so relieved...

      I'm glad I didn't end up taking a loss for this bad transaction and I'm by no means happy about how this played out, but I suppose I have to say it's resolved now (thanks to Pay Pal, Miku_Doll didn't give me a refund willingly).
    13. Unfortunately for me, I did not go through paypal since it was a doll for doll trade. Guess I'm out $300+ unless she straightens things out with the post office/customs like she said she would.
    14. Hi, i just want to help you. When she says "wrist" she want to say "doll". Both words are spelled the same in spanish. I suppose that she used a translator.

      LuckyXIII i will send you a PM.
    15. Thank you for those that are trying to help me sort this out.