Paging Minichaos - RESOLVED

Jan 19, 2010

    1. I was wondering if anyone knows Minichaos or knows if something happened.

      I finished paying for a modded Moon head around the middle of November. On Dec. 6, Mini said it had been sent out and returned because of a postage error, and it would be resent.
      I waited, then asked again. Mini said on Dec. 28 that it'd been sent "last week" and she or he would check with the P.O. and let me know.

      I pm'ed last week and this week, and haven't heard back.

      I hope nothing's wrong, and I hope it's all just due to holiday chaos - but I think it might be time to express some concern.
    2. Minichaos was last on the forum 28DEC. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Another DoA member who lives in Singapore offered to contact her, but I don't know her personal info - and is that okay to do, anyway?
    4. Replied and srry for the inconvience caused
    5. Mini did reply today, and promised a full refund incl. fees.
      I would have liked the head, but this works for me.
      I'll post once it's gone through.
    6. On 1/26, Mini said the post office refunded the money and asked for my paypal address. I sent it that day, but the PM may have gotten lost. I sent it again today, 1/30.
    7. Still nothing.
    8. I received a refund late last night.
    9. So do you consider this resolved?
    10. Yes, I do.