Resolved Paging Minipyro Chalco Split - RESOLVED

Dec 4, 2010

    1. I was a part of her Chalco NS split. I paid Minipyro in full for my parts by May the 9th 2010. At this date, I have not received anything ... doll parts or any refund of any amount from Minipyro. I cannot find her split page even though It shouldn't be marked as finished since no one received the doll and I have not received my refund.

      I paid for Chalco's fantasy hands, wig and eyes and it came up to 114.52. I paid in four installments of 28.63, because I had asked her ahead of time if I could pay in installments and she agreed. I sent my final monthly payment May the 9th, 2010. I have paid on time or even a day before each time.
      Minipyro has had my 114.52 for over 6 months now and has stopped communicating with me. I'm sorry to say that I have lost all patience with her and that's why I'm posting this thread.

      The last email I received from her was November the 16th, 2010
      saying that she would send my money soon and that I should have it by the end of the week.

      I did not receive it and have I have emailed her several times since the end of that week and have been ignored. I normally would wait longer but she has stated Soom refunded her all the monies, so where is my refund?

      Here is another person's page that was in this split that goes into further detail.
    2. I forgot to say that Minipyro eventually stated to us in the Chalco split that the order somehow did not go through and Soom was sending a refund not the Chalco doll parts or any option parts.
    3. MiniPyro has been banned from the DoA Marketplace. She is already Being Paged. Best of luck.
    4. update I have still not heard from Kinzie/ minipyro even though I am still emailing her.
    5. Still no refund and not one word from Minipyro.
    6. still no contact or any refund from Kinzie
    7. Nothing new to say :-(
    8. Still no word or refund from Minipyro.
    9. I have emailed her several times in the last month and still no response of any kind or refund.
    10. I did get a message from mini pyro but no resolution of any kind.
    11. I have gotten an email from minipyro but no resolution yet.
    12. A member here pm'd her phone number and I got a hold of her this month (August) She sent me new and used doll items in lieu of the amount she owed me. This matter is finally resolved.