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Paging MiniPyro regarding Alk split!!! - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Nov 17, 2010

    1. I participated in an Alk split hosted by MiniPyro. The split was initiated about a year ago - in late October, as I recall. My part of the split was the wings, and I have still not received them, though apparently MiniPyro received the doll late July (the following PM is from the beginning of August):

      I also sent her my address on July 29.

      I contacted her via the email option in mid October asking about the status of the shipping, as I have not yet received them. She said she had mailed it out, and would check into it. But I heard no further. I contacted her a couple of days ago, but to no avail.

      The split was initiated more than A YEAR ago, and MiniPyro received the doll several months ago.

      I therefore would like her to immediately fulfill one of the two following:

      1. A working tracking number for my wings
      2. A refund of the $40 I paid for the wings.
    2. MiniPyro was last on the forum 3OCT. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hi I don't know if this helps but someone named minipyro2 is selling a soom alk sans bird parts on ebay.
    4. P.Tsuki - Thank you for the information. :)

      I have received this email from MiniPyro; a reply to one of my inquiries regarding the wings:

      Its been some time since my last email and I've not received word that the wings
      have arrived.
      Please let me know when they do!

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry"

      I have replied the following to her:


      When did you ship the wings? All items I have received from the US have taken a maximum of two weeks, or 10 business days.

      I have opened a paging thread for you.

      I see two ways of resolving this:

      1. You immediately provide me with a working tracking number for the wings.
      2. You immediately refund me the $40 for the wings.

      You have had the doll for four months now (and appear to be selling it on Ebay at the moment). The wait is unacceptable.

    5. I have received an email from MiniPyro:

      "Thanks for such a quick reply!
      What I can do for you is wait another week to see if they arrive and if they're not
      there by next Saturday, I will refund you the 40$ paid.
      I shipped them some time ago, I'll have to check my email to see exactly when. It
      worries me that they're not there yet.
      If this is not ok with you, I can refund you now.
      I'm sorry that you've had to wait so long. Hopefully they will arrive back here or
      arrive there soon. If they arrive back here after the refund has been issued, I will
      send them on again. It seems only fair.
      I hope to hear from you soon"

      I have replied her that I would like a refund now, and that if/when the wings show up, I will send them back to her. I am glad that we at least are communicating, and I hope this will be resolved soon.
    6. I have not yet received my refund, and have just mailed her again, asking her to transfer the $40 to me.
    7. After prodding MiniPyro almost daily, and contacting her via Facebook, I have finally received my refund. It has been a week and a half since she said she could give me the refund, but better late than never.

      I find it unacceptable that I had to continually request a refund (not to mention asking for updates on the order and similar), and I think she has been slow on providing the refund. However, I am glad that the communication, when I finally received some from her, was friendly.

      I hereby consider this matter resolved. I am not sure which kind of feedback I should leave for her - neutral or negative.
    8. This member has been banned from the DoA Marketplace, however, feel free to link to this thread in her individual feedback thread.