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Paging MiniPyro regarding Cuprit refund - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Nov 20, 2010

    1. I am still owed a $30 refund from Minipyro for a pair of Cuprit wings that was shipped in February 2010.
      She never informed me that they were returned to sender multiple times and the 'free gifts' that she included never came.

      This was the last communication I got from her, and all further attempts have been met with silence.

      I would like my refund Minipyro and if you don't have the paypal address I would be more than willing to send it to you again.
    2. MiniPyro is already Being Paged. She has been banned from the DoA Marketplace. She was last on the forum 3OCT.
    3. Ayuen - The only way you're going to be able to reach her is by email. She's not responding to PMs because she's "got computer problems" and is only using her blackberry for email. There are still people in my split that are owed money (from February). If you're not persistent with the emails she won't take any action. Good luck!
    4. Kaeru - You can check DoA perfectly well on a Blackberry btw.
    5. Oh, I know... but for some reason she's saying she can't - much like she couldn't get on the Soom site or PayPal to give us the Soom order number for our GO. Somehow, too, she can't get herself to a Kinkos or a library or a friend's house to use their internet services. I'm guessing she probably already has a new DoA account and she's just lurking at this point. (But that's just speculation...) She's only responding to email, and often says that emails are going in her spam folder (which I guess she's not checking?) so ya just have to keep tryin' by email.

      If anyone wants/needs her email addy they can PM me for it. I don't know if its acceptable to post it here.
    6. You can find her on Ebay since she's obviously still selling stuffs there.


      I am using Blackberry as well, and I can access DoA and Paypal with ease. But I CAN'T access Ebay's full features. >.> So if she still sells on Ebay, I think she does have access to a PC/Laptop...