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Paging MiniPyro - RESOLVED

Jun 30, 2010

    1. I bought from MiniPyro a Glati head last May 27. Here are the details of the transactions:

      5/27 - Full payment of Glati head. She said she can ship it out 5/28
      5/29 - She offered to have the Glati head sent straight to the customizer. I declined.
      5/30 - Electronic shipping info received via Paypal
      6/03 - Head was shipped out but was "Returned to Sender" for incomplete shipping info on EMS form
      6/07 - I informed her about the status on the tracking log; She said she'll look into it
      6/09 - PMed her about the whereabouts of the package
      6/10 - She informed me that the PO gave back the Customs form
      6/13 - PMed her again to check her PO since tracking status is still "Returned to Sender"
      6/14 - She said she'll call her PO (yet again)
      6/17 - Reminded her again to sort the problem at her local PO
      6/20 - Supposedly the package was "resent"
      6/22 - She said shipping needs to be repaid (which she will shoulder)
      6/25 - According to her, a new tracking number will be issued by Saturday 6/26

      It's been more than a month now since the full payment and I do not know if she got the package back or it's being held at her local PO. The last time I heard from her was last June 25 saying that she will be giving me a new tracking number by Saturday (June 26). She also promised that she will issue a refund for the shipping costs once I receive the head.

      To MiniPyro:
      I tried to be understanding and patient with you but I've already reached my limit. I lost my June slot with a customizer due to your negligence. Although your replies have been prompt, your actions are not.
    2. Hello
      I too have been frustrated with this transaction in things that have been beyond both my and your control.

      I am sorry this has taken so long and I am sorry this had to be opened in general.

      At this moment I am out of town, heading to a convention that has been a planned event since Christmas.

      I should have resent your head on the planned date as I also shipped numerous other items on that same day. That would have been the more responsible thing to do and again, I am sorry I dropped the ball on this transaction.

      As I said previously, I will be reprinting a shipping label through Paypal, which will send a tracking number to your email. After you receive the head I will refund the shipping you paid for EMS as this has not been Express as was initially intended.
    3. So you said you'll be reprinting the label. But when exactly is that?

      Just give me an exact date on when the head is physically in the mail. Paypal lists a tracking number but it doesn't necessarily mean that the package was received by the local PO. This happened with the last tracking number you gave me, the electronic info was received but you were only able to give the package to your PO 5 days after.

      You kept missing deadlines you have set so I will not be surprised if the shipping is delayed for a couple of weeks again. And I'd really appreciate it if you refund the shipping now instead of waiting for me to receive the head. I don't want to go to the trouble of waiting and constant reminding for you to refund the shipping costs.
    4. MiniPyro is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    5. As I said I am currently out of town.
      I will give you an exact date for shipping: Tuesday July 6th.
      It will be EMS again, so you will be getting another tracking number. Had I been in town it would have shipped today.
    6. MiniPyro, I hope your convention went well!

      I wanted to send you a PM reminding about Beyla outfit I bought from you but your Inbox is apparently full, that's why I am using this thread.
    7. I got your email and have erased some pms. :) I am in the process of printing the labels as I type.
      Thank you!
    8. Edit to the above: Paypal is giving me an error when I go to print a label. I am still trying and will try some more. The post office closes at 5pm and it is now 2:52pm.

      IF I cannot send your head out today, I will let you know immediately.
    9. Please disregard! :D :D :D
      I got everything to work, and am on my way to the Post Office now! :aheartbea
    10. I got the head today. Although the faceup was wiped off (which MiniPyro offered to do), the head was very dirty especially around the eyes and lip areas. Since this transaction has gone way too long and the head on the sales thread was advertised to have a faceup, I'm not going to make a big fuss about it.

      To MiniPyro:
      Please refund the EMS shipping costs as you have promised.
    11. Still no shipping refund =/
    12. As I told you in the PM, when I have funds, I will send the refund your way. :)
      I get paid next Friday (23), hopefully I will be able to get money before then. I'm sorry to say while your refund should be #1 on my list, rent and other such bills must come first.
      Please do look forward to your refund in the next coming week!
    13. I got the shipping refund from MiniPyro today.

      This thread can be locked now. Thanks!