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Resolved Paging Minty - RESOLVED

Feb 11, 2010

    1. Minty commissioned me around the beginning of November '09 for a free slot in my face-up shop.

      She sent me her Fairy Land Breakaway even head and scar arm. I painted them and boxed them up to send them back. I PMed her for her address, and she said there was a problem and kindly asked if I would please wait to send everything back to her.
      I've had her doll boxed up waiting in my room for several months now.

      I PMed her a while ago asking if she was ready for me to send him back, but I've had no reply. I believe she has logged in since then, but I don't remember exactly when I sent my last message so I may be wrong.

      I really want to get her doll back to her, but I'm also worried something may have happened to her.
      I've done one commission for her before and I had no problems in the slightest.

      Minty is a lovely person to work with so I really hope this paging thread wont hurt her feedback. I'm just worried something may have happened to her.

      Any advice what I should do would be nice.

      Thank you!
    2. minty was last on the forum 25JAN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Mods, is there a way I could find her e-mail address? I'd like to send her a message through e-mail, as it may be noticed sooner than my last PM.
    4. I'd like to give Minty two more months from the start of my paging thread to claim her doll parts. [April 11th] It will have been well over 5 months by then, and I will consider the doll head/arm unwanted.
    5. E-mailed Minty a few days ago after the mods enabled e-mailing.
      Still no word from her.
    6. Still no word from Minty.

      E-mailed again today. Still hasn't logged onto DoA.
    7. I'm now trying to contact Minty through AIM. I will try logging on several times a day for a week or so, to try and find her.
    8. I have a set of Yrie bird feet that Minty bought from me. I have PM'ed her but received no response. She told me to hold them for her on January 25th (Which I see is the last time she logged in.) as she was having some trouble. I have no other contact info for her. If she sees this/gets word of it, I just want her to know that I'll keep them for her until I hear otherwise for a year from my last contact with her on January 25th.

      I really hope she is okay. :(
    9. Thanks for the info siriusstar. I really hope nothing has happened to her. :<

      She hasn't been on Aim in the four days I've been checking. Does anyone know her address or real name?
    10. I had her as a swap partner for an Xmas exchange. I can forward that info if you like? Just send me a PM. :)
    11. PM ing you!
    12. So I was able to google Minty's phone number using the info Maleficently gave me. I got the answering machine and left a message. Unfortunately I don't think the number was correct/belongs to Minty anymore.

      If this doesn't work, April 11th I will consider the items unclaimed.
    13. Buuuuump! >.<
    14. I just want to make a record of everything I've done so far to contact Minty.

      (Multiple)PMs through DoA
      Opened paging thread
      Maintained paging thread
      (Multiple)E-mails through DoA
      (Multiple)Attempts to contact through AIM
      Was contacted by DoA member with address, ran address through Google. Found phone number.
      Address is for a buisness, attempted to call. Left message. No reply.
      Attempted to find owner using real name through facebook.
      Attempted to find owner using real name through a people finder.

      For the record, I believe I have gone over and above what should be expected of me in this situation.
    15. Have you tried sending a registered letter through USPS?
    16. Thank you for the suggestion, but no. The reason the doll has not already been shipped to her is because she implied she was not going to be at her current location long enough for me to mail the doll parts to her.
      I didn't even know her 'old' address until a few days ago when a member pmed it to me. I ran the address through Google and got the phone number of the building. I left a message but got no reply.
    17. It has been over 5 months of no contact. I consider the doll mine.
      This thread can be locked now, thank you mods.
    18. Due to various issues, I was unable to access the internet, and thus inform anyone about what to be done with the various parts. This January I was able to return to DoA and contact both users. Both users were very kind, and iSparrow returned the parts to me. I now have the Breakaway head in my possession, and am no longer in possession of the bird feet.
      I am so sorry to everyone that had situations complicated by my lack of contact from December '09 to January '10, and I will make sure I am never in that situation again.
    19. Excuse me, that would be January '11.