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Resolved Paging missLINDSAYxoxo - RESOLVED

Oct 11, 2011

    1. Hello.
      I'm not pleased to have to start one of these threads, but the shoes I purchased have not arrived and there's a lack of communication in this transaction that is making me feel very uneasy and should be noted upon.

      I PMed missLINDSAYxoxo on 9-13-2011 regarding the MSD pink lolita shoes she had for sale in this thread.
      Her sales thread.

      My first PM to her consisted of a trade offer of my blind glass eyes for the shoes, as she had expressed interest in them in her thread.
      She replied on 9-15-2011 that she was not too interested in my eyes. I agreed to just pay money for the shoes.

      I replied the same day thanking her for considering the eyes and asking if the total I worked out was correct and for her paypal address. The total was $11.25. A small amount, but as a college student, every amount counts.

      missLINDSAYxoxo replied 9-17-2011 with her paypal address and requested that I send the payment as a personal payment. I never do so, so I sent the payment normally(I paid the fees) the same day.
      I PMed her right after I sent the payment asking her to confirm she received it.

      She replied 9-20-2011 stating that she got the payment and that she would ship the next day. I replied the same day thanking her.

      I hadn't heard from her if she was able to ship the shoes or not so I sent her a PM on 9-22-2011 asking if she had shipped the shoes.

      I PMed again 9-24-2011 asking if they had been shipped as I had not received notification.

      missLINDSAYxoxo hadn't replied until 9-27-2011. Her PM stated that the shoes had been shipped and she apologized that she had been a little late due to school work. Being a full time student myself, I understand this. I replied thanking her for letting me know and that I would inform her when the shoes arrived.

      She did not state when she shipped the shoes however.
      It had been nearly a week since she first told me she would be shipping the shoes. I had assumed that her shipping fee covered just First Class, which was fine. I had figured that they would be arriving between 1-1.5 weeks. I haven't had a first class package take any longer than that, unless it was from overseas.

      I sent her a PM on 9-30-2011 asking when it was that the shoes were shipped, so I could better estimate when I could expect them to arrive.

      I sent her another on 10-03-2011 asking the same thing and expressed my concern that it had almost been 2 weeks since she said she would ship originally.

      On 10-04-2011, her profile indicated that she signed on, however did not reply to my messages. Until then, she had not been online since 9-27-2011.

      On 10-07-2011, I PMed her again expressing my concern that the shoes had not arrived. I requested to know which day the shoes were sent and if it was possible to see the shipping receipt.

      Yesterday, I sent an email to her paypal email stating that the shoes had not yet arrived. I also requested the same thing in my previous PM. I stated that it had been 2.5 weeks since she said she would be shipping the shoes and I also wanted to know what sort of packaging they were shipped in.
      Lastly, I mentioned that if, for whatever reason, the shoes had not actually been shipped, that I would appreciate a refund.

      Let me state that I don't suspect that they haven't been shipped, I just wish to know the exact date they were. I have also read many upon many problem transaction threads and have grown paranoid and careful of the possibilities.

      Let me also say that this transaction with missLINDSAYxoxo has been nothing but pleasant, however, this absence in communication can not be ignored.

      For a resolution:
      -Contact re-established.
      -Date the shoes were sent and photo of receipt.
      -Ideally, I strongly prefer to have the shoes.

      If the shoes have been lost in the mail, a different resolution may need to be worked out.
    2. missLINDSAYxoxo was last on the forum 4OCT. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Oddly enough, I went to pick up my minifee from the post office this morning and they came back to the counter with the envelope that had the shoes in it!

      So I have received the shoes and they are in the condition expected.

      However, just a couple things to note.
      -Manilla envelope with just a piece or two of tape.
      -The plastic baggy they were in had crumbs in it.

      I would think that if you were going to mail a rigid object in an envelope, it would be taped all over it so that the object could not tear through the paper. I have had experience in this.

      I consider this matter resolved and will be leaving neutral feedback with a link to this thread in missLINDSAYxoxo's feedback thread.

      -Overall very pleasant person to do business with.
      -Communication was pretty bad during this transaction.
      -Packaging was lacking.
    4. Neutral feedback has been left in her thread with a link back to this thread.

      Thank you for you time.