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Resolved Paging missLINDSAYxoxo - RESOLVED

Oct 12, 2011

    1. I am having an issue getting in contact with missLINDSAYxoxo
      I am sad i have to post this thread but I am unhappy with the communications thought the transaction and have been waiting for a month for 2 pairs of shose.
      this is the sales thread --> http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...e-and-Sweet-Clothing-Going-Cheap-or-for-trade!

      On 9-14-11 I contacted her about buying 2 pairs of her shose

      On 9-15-11 I got a responce stating my total of 14.25 and her paypal info -- this was the last contact i had from her

      On 9-16-11 I sent payment and sent a message with my adress and letting her know I had sent payment

      On 9-29-11 I sent a message asking about the shose with no responce

      On 10-4-11 I sent another message asking for the status of the order. I also asked if she was not going to send the shose if she would please refund the 14.25 $ I also said if i got no responce i would be posting a problum transaction

      On 10-10-11 I sent a final message saying if I got no responce I would be posting this thread

      For resolution:
      I would like communication
      I would like proof of items sent
      If items have not been sent I would like a refund for items and shipping

      If items have been lost then another solution might be ok
    2. missLINDSAYxoxo was last on the forum 4OCT. She is now Being Paged.
    3. 10-12-11
      My Shose finaly arrived today
      The were in a plain minila envelope and it appears that it was only closed with a single staple- it looks like it was taped shut by the post office. And looking at the date on the stamp it was not shiped untill 10-6-11 I will be leaving feedback with a link to this thread

      Thank you
    4. Really sorry about this... I don't post here all that often and I didn't even see this until now. <3 Again, sorry for the trouble and the poor packing, I'll now know for next time. <3