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Paging missmeli - RESOLVED

Jun 25, 2010

    1. First off, I feel horrible for doing this, but I think it really needs to be done.
      Okay so on the 05-11 of 2010, I commissioned missmeli for a free face-up she was offering. Everything went well she even sent me a picture of my boy on the 4th, however on the 6-13, where I ask how things are coming along and is everything okay.

      It wasn't until the 17th where I got a message saying this:

      I replied saying that dolls weren't more important that people and take as much time as you need.
      However That was on the 17th and since then all my emails and PMs have not been answered. She was just online on the 24th.

      I'm just worried, I hope to high heaven that everything is okay with her and her loved ones!
    2. missmeli was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. I hate to do this because I understand she is having personal problems but I would like some sort of communication from missmeli about my heads. I commissioned them at least a month in advance for Anime Expo. My boy didn’t have a face up and I thought he should get one so he could finally leave the house.

      I originally contacted her on 5/18/2010 asking her if slots were still available for free face ups and she promptly responded on 5/19/2010:

      I was very happy to find someone who would do a natural face up (for only shipping costs as all my money had gone to him.) and not make him look femme. I checked her feedback and she had nothing but raving reviews on how she was a great seller/buyer. I replied minutes later asking her about her turn around time and where to send my head. Communication was fast as she also replied back minutes later saying there were two people in front of me but at max it would take her a week.

      Things happened and I ended up not shipping out my head until 5/26/2010. She notified me on the 28th saying that she received my head. I have signature confirmation that she signed for it:

      Your item was delivered at 3:26 PM on May 28, 2010 in BRONX, NY 10462. The item was signed for by M IRIZARRY.

      She then again emailed me on 6/2/2010 saying she was going to start on my boy and may be done as early as 6/3/2010. I received her next message on 6/4/2010:

      I was very pleased on how he was coming along that I asked her if she could remove a tiny black butterfly that my girl had arrived with as her default face up. She said that would not be a problem so I mailed her my girl’s head on 6/7/2010 again with signature confirmation and she e-mailed me on 6/9/2010 telling me that she got there ok.

      On 6/10 she said she got the black tattoo off and she just needed to blush her cheek to make the rest of her head. A few days went by and I didn’t hear anything so I contacted her as I really wanted to pay her and she replied to me on 6/17 that she had a family emergency which I understand as life happens. I haven’t heard from her since.

      I ended up contacting someone else on DoA to contact her on 6/21 for some sort of update. They ended up getting a hold of her and she told me to send $10.50 and she would send them out. She never specified when they would be shipped out. I haven’t received any pictures but the 1st one of my boy. As of right now I don’t care if they are done or not I would just like my heads back or ANY sort of communication. I commissioned over $400 worth of cosplay outfits for my dolls for next weekend and now they don’t have heads. I see that she signed in yesterday but didn't read any of my messages or send me any messages.I hope everything is ok with her.
    4. Question.
      If and can I go to the police with this?
      I can't open up a paypal dispute since I didn't pay any money.
    5. missmeli also has one of my heads, a NaNuRi07 with a botched eye-openning mod. I haven't heard from her since I sent my head off, but I've shot off a PM to her to tell her about this thread. I'm also trying to track down any contact information or anyone that may know and be able to get ahold of her.
    6. Posting to add that I talked to her father and left my cell number and username with him to give to her. Hopefully she'll be in contact with us soon. :)
    7. Got that in my email!
      I will post when I get my head, but I now considered this done!
    8. missmeli just PMed me with pictures of my head and says he will be shipped out today with the rest of everyone's heads. :)
    9. Wow so she has updated everyone but me! She still won't respond to any of my messages.
    10. I'm sure she's working down the list, belle :sweat
    11. Sorry but I did have quite a few PMs and I was working from the top down instead of the other way.

      Everyone's heads are on their way.

      Here's tracking for everyone in no order:

      southernbelleincali : 0308 1400 0000 6035 4138

      Praesagium : 0308 1400 0000 6035 4121

      Arkhangel Hamatiel: 0308 1400 0000 6035 4404

      They should all be active and all have a delivery date of 7/01.

      I'll PM to find out on 7/01 if everyone has received their boxes.

      Thanks for having some patience with me during this time!
    12. Please post here when each of you feel this is resolved satisfactorily so that the thread can be closed. And please post a link back to this thread in missmeli's feedback thread.
    13. Got my head back today!
    14. I've received my head today. :)
    15. Sorry I was out of town I received my heads back. You may close this thread.
    16. Please link this thread from missmeli's individual feedback thread.