Resolved Paging mizerable_unmei - MEMBER BANNED

Mar 18, 2009

    1. I have invoiced mizerable_unmei for a payment needed on her layaway with me on a full doll. I have even given her option to just pay for what would be needed to pay off head and get this over with. She had promised from beginning of this layaway to pay me $60 every two weeks. It quickly turned into every month but she is never on time and has been late first time out by 10 days, then 4 days and now over 8 days. She requested 2 weeks ago I invoice her for 2 payments of $120 and I have even sent a reminder. No money and no replies to PM here or emails. I always told her I know real life can affect payments but she tends to still keep me in dark and even more upset that she misuses this whole layaway. If she would just communicate to me and let me know why the delay or better yet answer last PM and let me know if she just rather go for the AIL Elijah head or get whole doll. I don't want to push her but I have already been paid $120 and I would feel bad if I kept it even though I always state in all my sales posts all funds on layaway's are non refundable.
      Any help from a moderator in getting her to decide and comply would be appreciated.
    2. animemom ~ mizerable_unmei was last on the board today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thanks for help and I do hope she will get in touch with me and let me know what she wishes to do.
    4. I have received an email from mizerable_unmei and we are working out if she will be just going for the AIL Elijah head or the whole doll which is AIL Elijah head on a DIM body. I have also asked her to please let me know if we continue layaway for whole doll not to ignore me or my requests on what is going on which is causing payment delays. I am happy to do long layaways but expect people to do as promised. That means keeping me informed about what is going on their lives; illness, school, work whatever. I don't want to be heartless, just kept in loop so I can work with buyer to get their doll.
    5. i sold my CP WOOSOO head to mizerable_unmei last August. the total price is $1200. she asked for a 6 months layaway and paid the $262 deposite on Aug. 21th. then she just need to pay $156 every month during the next 6 months. i said in my first messege to tell her that i have a bad transaction with a member here in a long term layaway though i didn't pointed out on the fortum. and i hope she could pay the money on time and we could have a smooth transaction with each other. and then mizerable_unmei said that she understand it since she even have a bad experience here so she will do it.

      but after the deposite, she didn't contact with me again. i left several messeges to her and she ignored me. at last, she said that she didn't have money to me since her school didn't give her money that month. and she asked if she could pay me any ammount to show that she still want the head. i showed my understanding and told her that it was OK with me. but i have not get any month till Oct 8th. when i saw she was selling a BC Lotti in the forum, i told her that she can send the doll to me to instead the monthly payment of Sep. and Oct. and then we made it.

      but at Nov, the same situation repeated. i left twice messege to her, but have not received any reply perhaps by the system error. i have no idea, so on Dec 2nd, i left a messege to say that if she could not pay $308 for double monthly payments before Dec 21th, i will have to finish our transaction and do not return any of her payments. this time she replied to say that she still have not been given the money from her school yet:

      " might be able to pay a little for November, but as the money from school won't arrive until around the 15th this month, I won't be able to pay for the whole amount until then."

      but till the time, she didn't pay me any money, and didn't send me any PM. i have to contact with her again. this time she said that she will pay $61 to me next week and she would get the money from school untill new year. and on Dec 30th, i finally get $48.54 from her.

      on Jan 11th, i left messege to ask if she had got the money for school yet. this time, she said that she still hadn't got that money. and she still want the WOOSOO head unless i want to cancel the deal. then i replied:

      "well, i'd like to give you some help. i notice that you are selling some dolls. i will have a look if there is anyone interested in them in our local furom.

      however, i can keep woosoo head for you, but i just have one request that you must pay at least $50 to me every month and must finish the all remaining before July 21th this year. if you can not accept this request or you don't pay on time. our transaction will be canceled at once. is this OK for you? "

      and she replied:

      "Thank you! There isn't anyone here in Sweden interested of them either.
      I guess its not a really good time to be selling dolls when the dollar is wonky.

      Next month, when I have started school again, I will get more money, and I can pay more, but until then I can give you 50$ and then 50$ next month until I can give you the larger amount"

      we came to an agreement then. i asked for some pics of her dolls and looking for the chance to sell them in our local doll forum. but almost at the same time, lots of Korean doll company reduced their selling price. so i didn't sell out any of her dolls at the price she gave me. on Jan 31th, she paid $48.1 to me.

      till that time, i thought things would get better and better. at least she paid me in the last two month in spite of the ammount. but that $48.1 is to be the last payment from her to me till now.

      Feb 17th, i asked when she could send the money. she said that she will transfer it after weekend.

      Feb 26th, i PMed again and then received a reply as below:"I transfered the money on monday, a bit later than i had expected, and it should arrive 3-5 days, hopefully I'll get it tomorrow!"

      Mar 7th, i asked if she got the money on her paypal account yet. she replied:"If you happen to get this, email me at: because DoA doesn't play along nicely at all "

      then i sent the email to her, but no replied. so i PMed her on DOA to repeat on Mar 9th. she replied in email:

      "I cannot answer via DoA since my computer doesn't like internet nowadays :(
      Email works much better!
      Such a shame if we'd cancel our deal now, but I can understand how you feel, paypal has been a bitch lately, calling them has been really unpleasant, but I am tired getting in trouble each time I transfer money :(
      I'll see what I can do about it."

      Mar 13th, since i have not get any payment and messege from mizerable_unmei. i have to sent the last inform by email to her as below:

      "hi Emma,

      i have to inform you that if you still can not pay any money to me before 21th this month. i will finish our transaction this time. i checked your feedback on DOA and see the transactions you have made during the last three months and even earlier than that. you know what i feel. i always try my best to push the transaction and i don't want you lose your money as well as the woosoo head. but i feel disappointed once again.

      anyway, you have one week to think about what you should do. i'm sorry i will not accept any excuse this time. so if i don't receive the payment on time, i will handle the head myself. however, i won't leave you a bad feedback for my kindness except i have to do so.


      she replied on Mar 14th:

      "I might be able to get you 120$, but as I said, I need time to fix this paypal mess...
      I just recieved your other email as well, I will try my hardest to fix paypal until then!"

      well, now it is Mar 21th. i have not get any payment from mizerable_unmei or even any messege. i decide to finish the transaction with her and won't refund any payment to her. she should pay me $1200 before Feb 21th 2009, but till today, she just paid $262(deposite)+290(BC Lotti)+$48.54+$48.1=648.64.

      sigh~~i'm really feel tired since i have to do the same thing every month and still have not get back my money entirely. however, i don't know if it was just because of my foolish kindness since i always try my best to make the transaction to be happy. and i really could not bear to make her loss her money or the head. but what have i got?

      this is the first time i put my transaction problem here though i do have other bad experience before. but for myself, i don't like to show my anger or bad attitude to others. so i use to try my best to resolve it by my own. but this time i have to do so since it is a big decision for me to cancel the deal with others and referring the money. so i'd like people know that i'm not the person who make such a decision without plenty of reasons. however, i've kept almost all of our PMs and Emails to be the proof if required.
    6. i just PMed mizerable_unmei and email her to inform that i've decided to finish our transaction. i won't accept any money from her in the future. i won't refund her payments and i will handle that WOOSOO head by myself later.

      i also gave this thread link to her. i use to try my best to trust her and help her. but now i just feel tried.
    7. Um, I am going to jump in here now becasue now I am a bit scared and nether of you are going to like this..

      I bought a Full Set Euclase from her in Feb. I sent her payment in full at that time. It cleared March 4th. Ten days later I asked for the tracking information as I had not heard from her. She avoided me for days. She sent me a message that said that she had to work in the next town over and there for was unable to ship the package and would do so that week end.

      Well the weekend came and went. I sent her a PM asking if she had the shipping details yet and I got a lame line that she had her friend check the box and the Med. Head was missing and that she had to contact Soom to find out why it was not shipped to her.

      "Emma Backlund
      to me

      show details Mar 9


      her message to me (via email becasue she said she had issues with DOA)
      "Heh it's okay, sadly I got a bit confusing news :S
      This weekend a friend of mine came to visit and I asked her to count the things in the Euclase package, only to notice his sleeping head is missing O_O
      Anyway, I had to double check myself just to be sure.
      So, I had to notify SOOM so they could send it out, but I haven't heard anything back from them since yesterday *_*
      This was really disturbing!!!

      I found this to be odd and I could swear that I recalled seeing the head in the photos that she sent me. I hunted them down in the email and could swear that I could see it packaged up in the box and posted the photo in the Euclase thread to see if any one who had gotten theirs saw what I did as I thought they would know best seeing that they knew how it was packed.

      at the same time I sent her the same photo and told her that I was pretty sure that I saw it in the photo and that there is an issue here that we needed to deal with.

      She wrote back that she saw my posting and that she was sorry that she lied.

      What she sent me.

      Yes it was in it, and I shouldn't have lied.
      The truth is that his faceup had been damaged during shipping, the plastic cover had shafed his face and I figured saying it wasn't there was better since I felt so bad about shipping doing this to him.
      As I said, I've contancted SOOM and they have already agreed on either me shipping the head back to re-do the blushing, or I send it back and they will send me a new head.
      Please, I don't want anything bad from this, I was just trying to save myself some time I guess, I am so so sorry for lying to you!
      What do you want to do?

      I told her that it was ok that I would forgive her but that I needed him ASAP as he is an anniversary gift for my husband. She said she would have it taken care of ASAP..

      Well its now the 23 and shes still stringing me along.

      I think that the thing that bothers me the most is that she had this money and did not pay the others above me with issues.

      Here are the details of the paypal payment just for proof of payment ..

      Original Transaction
      Date Type Status Details Amount
      Feb. 27, 2009 Payment To Emma Backlund Cleared Details -$1,270.00 USD

      Related Transactions
      Date Type Status Details Amount
      Feb. 27, 2009 Add Funds from a Bank Account Completed Details $1,270.00 USD
      Mar. 4, 2009 eCheck Sent Cleared ... -$1,270.00 USD

      Your eCheck payment was deposited into the recipient's account on Mar. 4, 2009.
      Make bank payments instant
      | What is an eCheck?

      Sent to:
      Emma Backlund

      Total Amount:
      -$1,270.00 USD
      $0.00 USD
      -$1,270.00 USD

      I am not sure but theres nothing I can do is there? I mean I did not buy him via ebay so I have no recourse do I??

      Mods any help here??
    8. Phoenix Rising file a claim to get your money back or either contact your bank. Since you never received the item you purchased even if it wasn't ebay using PayPal and giving the reason that item was never received you would get your money back if she has it available. If you used a bank account though you might have better luck with the bank as they can reverse the transaction, PayPal there's the possibility you would not get your money back because her account has no funds or something like that.
    9. I will issue a full refund for the Euclase doll.
    10. i received these words by mizerable_unmei yesterday as below:

      "I have an email in my log saying I explained to you that I can RECIEVE money to my paypal, since I have sold a doll head, but I cannot send, so the money I received on my paypal I cannot use.
      That is why I had to transfer money to paypal, which have been a mess, which I also have written to you, I am not sure how I can explain it any further, than that I cannot use it as I could last year when I sent you money without problem then.

      I will write a copy in the thread later, explaining that I couldn't use paypal as I could before."

      i must say that if Phoenix Rising didn't replied in this thread. i will never know that mizerable_unmei has had so much money in her paypal account even on Mar 4th while she always said that she had no money to pay me. i just thought that she sold her CP lu-wen head and got the money in the balance. but as everybody knows, when we transfer the money from our bank account. where will the money go? isn't it to our paypal balance? so i don't understand why she can not send these money she received from others in the balance, but can use the money she transferred from bank account in the balance? but who cares, i'm not planning to trust her any more.
    11. Wanted to update on this. I have spoken to Mizerable_unmei she "says" she will be refunding my money but that she must transfer funds to her paypal account first.

      I will update again when it is refunded ...
    12. Well I sent her a message asking for an update yesterday on the refund and shes not getting back to me. I told her that if I was not provided an ETA that I would be filing a Claim Friday (tomorrow now)
      This is so not cool..
    13. mizerable_unmei has been MARKETPLACE BANNED on DoA for unscrupulous transactions and behavior. Please post to this thread only with resolution on outstanding transactions.
    14. Its been a week since she stated she would issue a refund. There always seems to be a "reason" as to why.

      The latest is that paypal will not allow her to send funds because of my inquiry. She has been on the resolution page and I have told her all she has to do is click "REFUND"

      Emma has forced me to escalate this to a Claim now. I am still hopping that she does the right thing and sends a refund as soon as possible but I am not holding my breath. I have begged pleaded and cried that she please return the money as she already ruined my wedding Anniversary. Euclase was to be a Gift to my husband his first doll. She knows she has done thins and shows no regard

      Claim Filed..
    15. Any body heard from her?

      Mods know when she was last on?

      Shes not replying to me and is not dealing with paypal ether..
      This is a LOT of money to loss.
    16. I have heard from her via Emails I think she is afraid to PM here as then she can be called on whatever she says. In any case I have had it with her as well. She says she can not send the promised $120 to me due to PP froze account and she also can not find anyone near her in Sweden who will take her cash and pay me via their PP account not even boyfriend I guess. I have decided to give up as well but will send head of doll even though I feel I am owed at least another $30 on that due to cost of head in itself as well as shipping it. But I am tired of dealing with this girl and her excuses. DOA should never let her sell or buy ever again. She is not really aware of what she is doing making promises she really can not fulfill. I worry someone will give this girl a CC and then she will be seriously in some deep trouble. This to me is the dark side of the hobby. People want so badly these dolls and they have more important things they need to pay for like school costs, and food. This is one of two reasons I do not like doing a layaway with someone overseas. At least in USA if they have problems with PP a MO can be sent cheaply and be sure it arrived. I am sorry that this girl has effected so many on DOA and that she has no idea how to do things right like one layaway at a time. I would keep her money and resell whole doll, but again I just would not feel right. But be careful of anyone who buys a AIL Elijah head from her. It was mine and I was asking $170 plus shipping for it. She only paid $120 and that included shipping on my part. If I thought I could sell it fast would opt to do so and refund money just so someone else here might get what is owed to them. Good Luck to Us all!
    17. mizerable_unmei was last on the board 30MAR09.
    18. OK she first offers to send me at least $60 but then after she reads email I will be sending the head she has resolved "she has done all she can in this matter." Of course she is getting the head why would she send more money. This girl has been a royal pain. I am shipping the head as I fear if she ever does get PP to allow her to send or get money she will come after her $120 she has sent me. I am here saying I am shipping the head. I will post tracking number for said head and I want all to know when she gets the head. Those of you who are still dealing with her have my prayers and sympathy I am going to leave feedback for her in a negative way so all are warned not to deal with her. As far as I am concerned this is resolved unsatisfactory for me.
    19. I am in no way defending her trust me but she really cant send out any funds as I placed an inquiry on her account on 3/23/2009 and until she refunds me or paypal finds in my favor she cant send out any other payments. Let hope she does the right thing and sends back my money.

      She refused to me a refund but did finally email me back this morning still saying she will refund me. My husband wants me to call Interpol on her for fraud. I also have friends who are Military that are not stationed far from her that I have thought about sending over to collect in person. This is A LOT of money. Shes still spewing the same i will send you the refund crap. If she really wanted to send the refund she would have dont it by now. any one else having issues with her. There is a girl here on DOA who is form the same area she is and has offered to go to the next meet up that Emma has planned on our behalf.
    20. Emma is now refusing to issue the refund and has sucked some other DOA member in to helping her.. I am told that Emma is transferring the funds to her "friend" who will then send me a refund???..
      She has lied to me since day one and I don't believe this ether. Yesterday she told me that she would refund me today and now she says she cant and her friend will take care of it.

      I have been told by a few others that she is having these same issue on other forums..

      MODs.. I request that further action be taken against her please.