Unresolved Paging mmsedated

Apr 6, 2008

    1. Since it seems I'm not the only one waiting and not getting any response. Please PM me with the status of my order.

      thank you
    2. accidental_subjects ~ Could you please leave more details regarding the date/transaction/money exchanged?
    3. I purchased an Abio Angel BW Yi from her back on January 1, 2008 through paypal for the price she quoted, $291.82 US, $409.00 SG. I was then asked to pay an additional $10 US the next day.

      I was told the doll would be ready to ship out a day or two after 2/14. I did not hear from her. I then tried contacting her at the beginning of March and received a message on 3/7 that A/A was being really slow and that they would be sent out once they reached the dealer. I replied that I would be out of the country so if she could hold the doll till the beginning of April. She replied on 3/9 to let her know when I was back.

      I pm'd her at the beginning of this week, and have not heard back from her. Today I checked the group order thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=185230&page=4
      and saw that she has not been responding to PMs or other forms of contact since some time in March. It appears she finally responded to one person from the Singapore board a few days ago after repeated texted messages, but has not responed to anyone else. I have seen she has updated her shopping Live Journal at the end of March and just today.

      So there are a few people who have tried to get ahold of her, and are out money at this point.
    4. Thank you. This member has not been on the board since 26MAR08. She is in the "Being Paged" group, please keep this thread updated as to resolution....and you might consider filing a claim?
    5. I'd also like to add to this.

      On February 15 I received an invoice of 250 SGD for an AA boy body; on the 16th I paid in full and received my receipt. I was told that the dolls would be shipped out the following week, as they already had my splitter's choice in stock.

      On the 19th of February she e-mailed me and said that it turned out that particular doll had just been sold and was therefore out of stock. She claimed that the new shipment of dolls would arrive that week, and that the dealer would ship him the day that she received the order. And I was perfectly fine with that- these things happen, right?

      So I waited a few weeks before PMing her about the status and whether or not the doll had been shipped; if so, when? She replied stating that there was a problem with the S-hooks and they were currently awaiting a new shipment from AA on the S-hooks. Now it's around mid-march.

      It was around this time that I accidently stumbled upon the SGCafe post (http://sgcafe.com/showthread.php?p=3603138)- and thank goodness I did! It had much more information and updates. As it turned out, the S-hooks had already arrived around mid-march; now the dealer was waiting on the official AA boxes!

      On the SGCafe board, it turns out that she decided to have the dolls shipped without the official boxes; I don't know if this is the same for international buyers. Also, she had them shipped through the regular carrier system- not the EMS that she had so clearly labeled in the first post of her threads.

      I PMed her a few days ago and am now waiting on/hoping for a reply. The rest is about the same to what accidental_subjects said. The SGCafe members are supposedly going to have a meetup next Friday to receive their dolls, so I'm assuming that they will finally be arriving sometime next week or so. We'll just have to wait and see if there will be another delay or not, I suppose.

    6. I'm long past the 45 days allowed by paypal, and I think a few other people are also. That is what makes this not a good thing. Especially since this person appears to be actively selling more things elsewhere.
    7. I'm also waiting for a response from mmsedated :(.

      Dec.27, 2007-I paid a $113US deposit to preorder one of the new molds (to be decided in the future).

      February 2008-Several molds have been posted at this time, so I ask mmsedated if all of the new molds have been revealed yet-she says no.

      March 15, 2008-Still no new molds have been revealed since February, so I decide to go ahead and place my order.

      March 16, 2008-Mmsedated replies, and quotes me prices higher than were previously agreed upon-she then agrees to honour the old price after some discussion.

      I then formally place my order, asking her to get back to me with the correct total.

      March 26, 2008-I'm sure I messaged her again, but I can't find the message archived anywhere, so she might not have gotten that one :doh. In that message I asked her to confirm the total for me, just as I did in my message on the 16th.

      April 5, 2008-I message mmsedated asking for a refund, as she never confirmed my order after many attempts on my part.

      Due to this experience, I am no longer interested in ordering the doll-I just want a refund :sweat.
    8. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get ahold of the company that makes the dolls? I think we need to contact them about this.
    9. Thank you. I sent them an e-mail and if I remember right they are from Canada. If anyone knows the person who runs that site, if they can help with this mess, it would be extremely helpful.
    10. Divinity doll is just a dealer-I bought my first abio angel from them :sweat. The girl who runs it is on this board (Amy the yu).

      Abio angels are made by Leroi (formally of Mythdoll)-I guess Divinity doll might be able to get in contact with the company, but it seems like a lot of unnecessary trouble for them, especially since they're not involved at all :sweat.

      The official Abio angel website is here-they do list an e-mail address, but I think you have to communicate with them in Chinese?
    11. I found that out also. Divinity Doll is just a dealer and not affliated with mmsedated or others who also claim to buy from Abio Angel. So that is a dead end.

      Hoping mmsedated will get this cleared up and soon. Too much bad karma going on.
    12. Here is my information:

      12-30-07: Order placed. Was told Shi was instock and would ship as soon as I paid.
      01-10-08: Order paid in full, 374SGD. She was nice enough to wait for my payment. Shipping was higher than posted, honest mistake.
      01-11-08: Chose eye color. Told she would ship that day.
      01-13-08: Shi wasn't instock. Supplier ordered another one, supposed to come in a week.
      01-14-08: Change shipping address.
      02-08-08: Asked about my order, still not shipped, company is on holiday.
      02-25-08: Told Shi arrived at dealer and would be shipped once I confirmed eye color. Changed shipping address again.
      03-16-08: Pm'd about order. Shi is instock again.Told she will be shipped either that day or the next.

      I pm'd her again recently but with no reply. Personally, I think she's overwhelmed herself with several different group orders and is trying to dig herself out of a hole. I'm sure as an international buyer I am put on the back burner, which is totally fine with me, but I would like some communication is all to have reassurance that my doll order is in the works.
    13. I've left her a livejournal comment (screened) informing her that she's being paged, and asking her to please log on to DOA and sort things out :sweat.

      She's used that account as recently as yesterday, so I really doubt that she won't see it.
    14. I'm also involved with this transaction, but my order was executed differently by means of direct bank transfer.

      I would like to add that one of the participants on the SGCafe side, yukiharu_ai, has attempted to contact mmsedated but was hung up on.
    15. Wow, and she's currently taking orders for a lingerie spree :roll:.

      Do you suppose reporting her to that community would do anything?
    16. The link to the thread on the SGCafe isn't working right now. Have the people there discussed what they are going to do if she doesn't show-up with the dolls on Friday as she promised?

      And thanks for your help with this. It's good to know what is going on. Obviously at this point she is aware of all the people wanting to know what is up and is refusing to respond. This is not a good sign.

      Just wanted to add to my prior post that I did file a Paypal Dispute, knowing they won't escalate it to a claim because of the time frame, but at least it is another way of attempting to contact mmsedated.
    17. Not to sound clueless, but how do you do that when the transaction is past the deadline :sweat?

      Mine always asks for a transaction number, and it won't recognize any that are over 45 days old *_*. After that, I can't proceed.
    18. Er, nevermind, I figured it out :sweat.

      For some reason it won't recognize the idea if I copy and paste it, but it does if I browse it in *_*.
    19. Just to add to this, I checked out her Spree feedback posts on two live journal communities, and seems she has also is ignoring people there. One she did comment to on 4/2/08 claiming she was sorry, she had a lot of e-mails to clear.

      I am hoping she is no longer allowed to sell here on DoA. Obviously there are major problems with this seller. I've sent e-mails both from my e-mail account and DoA and still no response.