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Nov 22, 2008

    1. i didn’t want to do this, but i am at my wits ends about this transaction.

      i am looking for moomoosmommy to respond to me to let me know if she still wants the saiph head that i had up in the market place a long time ago - communication has been less than stellar and her commitment to paying has been poor.

      i have pm’ed her at the beginning of this week with my final resolution and was hoping to hear from her, but having not heard a word i am posting this in a last attempt to get her to contact me.

      in early october i had posted a sale thread for my saiph. at the time i was wanting to just sell the head for 150, but moomoosmommy connacted me wanting the whole doll. i agreed saying i would be willing to sell the whole doll for 620$ plus shipping, and that i would do a two month layaway with a nonrefundable deposit of 20% (124$)

      she then tried to get me to accept a wig as a 50$ payment, as well as hooves made for my doll, which i declined as i was not interested in trades at the time.

      on october 15th she then wanted to have the 620 include shipping, which i didn’t want to do because i was already loosing a lot of money to fees which i don’t charge and we agreed to a 15$ amount for shipping the doll out priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation.

      on october 16th she wanted to pay me less than the full deposit and have me still hold the doll for her. i said that i wouldn’t be able to do that, as i would really like the full 124$ amount for the deposit.

      i also made sure she could pay off the full amount by the end of the period (2 months - december 15th), which she assured me she would -

      on october 17th i received the deposit and confirmed it with her.

      i didn’t hear anything from her so i sent her a message on november 10th asking if she was still interested, which she said she was, but that she would like to pay off the lump sum in december - which i said was okay.

      but she then sent me a pm asking if she could buy just the head. i thought about it and said if she could find some one to pay the remaining balance for the body (511 including shipping) i would send her the head and the body to the other person.

      i also tried to see if some one was interested but wasn’t able to -

      so i thought more about it and said that if she wanted to pay an additional 25$ (so 124 + 25 = 149, close to the original price i had the head up for) i would send her the head. (i also had seen she had posted a WTB thread in the market place for a grey onyx and topaz and was a little upset that she wasn’t going to finish her deal with me it seemed)

      on the 12th she told me she would pay the additional 25$ “next week”

      on the 19th, after not hearing from her i sent her this pm

      and i have not heard from her since, and as it’s coming close to sunday i just wanted to try one more thing to hear back from her.

      so if any one knows her - please let me know! i would feel better hearing from her directly if she no longer wants the head.
    2. moomoosmommy has not been online since November 17 ~ she has been put in the "Being Paged" usergroup. Please keep us updated with any changes, communication or resolution.
    3. i have just sent an email to her -

    4. well, i have NOT heard back from moomoosmommy so i put the saiph up for sale - so i guess this is resolved as of now.
    5. Sorry Darkmothflame, I don't mean to hijack your thread, but thought I should add my own little problem with moomoosmommy to this.

      I commissioned a pair of hooved from her for my Unoa in October. At the time, I was told I would have to get a November slot. That was fine with me and I waited on her waitlist.

      We started conversing via PM on October 23rd. By Nov. 4th, I was told the following:

      "Your total will be $38.78 with shipping. ^_^ Ive already begun work and should have them done in a few days. I hope to have them out to you monday. Please send payment to OMITTED."

      I sent payment on Nov. 4, expecting my hooves to be finished and mailed out to me by Nov. 10.

      I have not received any further communications from moomoosmommy since 11-08-08 (in which I asked her if I could use MSC on the hooves and she said she thought that should be fine).

      On Nov. 27, I opened a Paypal dispute on this transaction.

      On Dec. 1, I received the following message from the Paypal account holder:

      "Sorry, NAME WITHHELD is out of state visiting family for the holidays and doesn't have access to a computer. She does have the hooves formed but has not sanded them or attached the hooks yet and is still working on them. She has to find a place to buy the epoxy before she can finish the hooks and doesn't know when she'll have them finished at this time. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to tell her and I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd lift the hold that this has placed on my account since I'm just the middle man in all this.



      I replied with the following:


      Sorry you're the middle man in all this, but my husband lost his job and I can't afford to be out of the money. I'm not going to lift the dispute until I either have my money back or the hooves I ordered a very long time ago in my hands.

      She PM'd me via DOA on 11-4-08 and stated the following:

      "Your total will be $38.78 with shipping. ^_^ Ive already begun work and should have them done in a few days. I hope to have them out to you monday. Please send payment to OMITTED."

      That Monday would have been 11-10-08 - It is now Dec. 1, and I haven't heard a peep from her since 11-08-08. She is also "being paged" on DOA. As far as I'm concerned, she has absconded with my money. Sorry that this has hampered your Paypal account, but I'm not going to get screwed in this transaction.

      She promised my hooves would be done over three weeks ago. She hasn't been online to explain herself. If you would like to refund my money, I'll be happy to mark this as "resolved" and she can take me off her list of waiting customers.


      Yes, I'm angry, yes I'm sick of the excuses people make. If you can't produce your product in the time frame which YOU the seller have set, then don't sell your product. It is unreasonable and bad business practice to actively anger your clientel. And you can -always- find a computer, be it at a cyber cafe, a library, whatever.

      I'll update if I get any other communications.
    6. i find it strange that she did not respond to you after the 8th, since my last contact with her was november 12th.

      i hope things get resolved for you - as i said before i put the head back up for sale and the entire doll was already sold (and received by the buyer) so i rather consider my transaction with moomoosmommy to be done with.

      please feel free to use this thread for your transaction as well ^^
    7. I'm sad.... I never thought i'd have to deal with this.. I too commissioned hooves from moomoosmommy on 10-05-08 and paid 10-10-08. I was actually the first one to commission her. and on her thread she said it would take "One Week" to make a pair.. which I was alright that it took a bit longer I figured it was understandable.. She began working on the hooves on October 5th aswell..

      I sent the payment as I said on 10-10-08.. I thought everything was going well at the time. She was very nice and kept updating me about everything.

      on 11-03-08 she sent me a pm and that was the last i've heard from her.

      Thats the last thing I heard. She showed me progress pictures aswell before that... right now all I really want is either my hooves or my money back :( though i'm doubting I will get either.. I don't feel so good anymore...
    8. Update 12-09-08

      I received the following from the owner of the Paypal account moomoosmommy has been using:

      As you can see, 00001 is not a tracking number and has only been provided by Paypal to appease their request for information.

      I am fully aware that the owner of the Paypal account is not the seller, however, by agreeing to be the "go between" for the seller, this person is also legally involved in this dispute. I have given the owner of the Paypal account the opportunity to refund my money. I told him that I would close the case if that happened. However, I have not, as of this date, received a refund.
    9. I recieved this PM from her on the 14th in regards to my Onyx (which had already been gone at that point. I had several times denied her Saiph. So glad I never bothered with her.
    10. i can tell you that on the 14th she did NOT have a bw saiph head at all :| (in fact, she never had the head in her possesion)

      but you are the second person to tell me that moomoosmommy tried to sell/trade my head to them when she didn't even have it.
    11. Well it rang up funky in my book because she also said this earlier..
      She went from trying to sell me a NS Saiph to a WS Saiph head. Toootally weirded me out.
    12. That is really, really weird...*_*

    13. According to her feedback, she did trade her NS Saiph for a grey Onyx successfully. Since she was only paying $150 for the WS Saiph head from darkmothflame she was trying to sell it (to both myself and Nyalee) for $300 before she even had it in hand.

      She has not been back here since November 17.
    14. Wow, I have been sick and half heartedly around of late but this is a little shock.
      I last heard from moomoosmommy on the first of November and no notification that the two pairs, (Beryl eyes and Light Topaz Soom), had arrived. I posted these in mid October as the final swap along with paypal balance for four pairs of hooves:(.

      At first we spoke many times and I found her very helpful but must admit to a little doubt when the casting in resin seemed to be arranged within a day and I don't much but I know doll making process is not simple, I doubt she will ever be back on this forum now.

      It is all too late and I now remember Twiglings advice upon first having Market Place Access, "BE CAREFUL", It is easy feel secure after many great transactions so a couple of hundred down the drain and lesson learned I suppose:|.
    15. PS, I have sent a PM just in case there is valid reason. I am furious as for most of us it is a balancing act to have our dolls and juggle our finance and day to day expense. Lots of us have children and Christmas is a selfless time when we like to indulge them. Maybe she will feel some remorse in the act that our trust and our Christmas will be that little bit lesser due to a lack of ethics.
    16. I tried contacting her again with no luck :( i guess i finally learned my lesson... and i also doubt she will ever be back on here again...
    17. Oh wonderful.... I'm not happy finding this...

      I commissioned a cosplay outfit from her for my doll, the one Howl wears in Howl's moving castle.

      I last heard from her on 11/1 after she responded that she could make adjustments to something I didn't think was right in the jacket she was sewing. I haven't heard from her since.

      I only paid her half to start the commission, $17.50 but I think it's too late to create a dispute on paypal. I'll have to check.
    18. i just received this email

      and here is my reply

    19. darkmothflame ~ Is xxxxxxxxxx a member of DoA?
    20. no, they are the holder of the paypal account that moomoosmommy used.