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paging Morbidollz - RESOLVED

May 12, 2010

    1. Gee I hate doing this but I haven't heard from her for 3 months and I can't send a PM to her because DoA tells me her PM box is full and cannot receive any more PM's.

      She's had a head of mine for 8 months now that she is doing a faceup for me and I'm really missing my boy. Winter came within this time and she informed me she couldn't work on it with the MSC during this time which is perfectly OK. But a few seasons would have past in this time and I assume it's warm now where she lives so I'm hoping to find her.

      Even if the mods can send her an email it would be appreciated.

      Please contact me morbidollz, I miss my baby!! Thanks :)
    2. I pm'd you just this morning before work when I got the email from DoA to notify me my inbox was full! Please check it.
    3. Thankyou, yay, I'm so excited!
    4. I've received photos of the faceup and just waiting for the head to be sent now!