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Resolved Paging MorganOrton - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Mar 19, 2012

    1. I bought a volks one off kun(http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...eup-(Pureskin-white)-600-(or-less-w-o-extras)) from MorganOrton and made the payment right after it, she told me she will ship it in the following weekend, then she say she is moving to a new home and will ship in Tuesday(about 10 day ago), then she just disappear and not answering my messages, since it is about 2weeks from i made my payment and i dont what is the situation right now, so please contact me when u see this, thx
    2. MorganOrton was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. While I haven't waited long enough to be seriously upset (yet), I am feeling uneasy about a transaction I'm in with MorganOrton. I paid her for a pair of ED eyes ten days ago, on March 13. At that point, she was very pleasant and quick to answer my PMs. But since then, I haven't received shipping info or communication of any kind (and no reply to my PM asking when/whether she had sent the eyes).
    4. hi,i also bought an item from morganorton,i paid for a sd limited carrot wig,last time i spoke to her was over 2 weeks ago,she said she would be shipping the wig either that day or the next day,but she also apologized for the delay as i had already been waiting 5 days after payment,since then i didnt have a confirmation if she actually did send the wig or not?but i would have thought it would have arrived by now possibly,im not in a hurry for it and it wasnt that expensive,but im just keen to know if it has been posted out yet?i sent her a messgae afew days ago to confirm ,but have had no response yet
    5. Dear moderator, can u please check if she ever login to system after i paging her, thx
    6. MorganOrton bought my Migidoll Ryu on layaway. Last time I heard from her was on 2/26.

      While I'm not overly concerned because the doll is on a lengthy 6-month layaway, I figured I'd mention it anyways...

      I sent her a PM checking in with the layaway yesterday. I will everyone know if I hear from her.
    7. MorganOrton has not returned to the forum since 17MAR.
    8. When I had my issue with contacting her if I sent her an email I got a response with in 24 hours. So I would try that. (Pms never really worked)

      Also she usually pretty active on Flickr (but no activity recently) - http://www.flickr.com/photos/63358792@N05/
    9. Sorry I am just now seeing this, I've had hardly any Internet access and have a tough time navigating on doa via my phone. We had to move earlier than planned and our desktop decided to die somewhere a long the move. Anything that hadn't gotten shipped earlier was shipped yesterday. I upgraded everyone's shipping method and the should be arriving soon! I apologize for the lack of communication and delay!!
    10. Also, maybe an official email should be sent to someone if their being paged ? I had no clue until I logged on today. All tracking numbers have been sent out!
    11. Tracking number received and is working--thanks, Morgan! I will post here one last time once the eyes have arrived safely.
    12. The eyes arrived today, very well-packed and in perfect condition. Totally resolved for me--I hope everyone else gets as satisfying a resolution!
    13. i received my wig today,it came in lovely condition and the colour is gorgeous,and also a free small gift,so i am most happy,and my part is resolved here,thank you