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Resolved Paging MorganOrton - RESOLVED

Dec 29, 2011

    1. I'm paging MorganOrton. Her inbox is full and I'm trying to get in contact with her about a package I bought from her. Hopefully she will see this and get her inbox cleared.

    2. MorganOrton was last on the forum 21DEC. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I also need to contact her about a package she should have sent on the 21st. I would've expected it to be here by now... We need a clean inbox! :)
    4. I also purchased an outfit that should have been shipped on the 14th and have not yet recieved. I tried to pm her yesterday and got the error about a full inbox. I wasn't too worried but I saw this thread open so I wanted to add myself to the list of people looking to hear from MorganOrton.
    5. Any news from MorganOrton? I will look through my PMs this evening and try to reach her via the email she provided for her PayPal.
    6. I haven't heard anything but I'm sure she has an email attached to her Flickr account. Last time she posted on that was the 26th.
    7. I'm hoping that she will get back on. I would much rather have the items I paid for then have to go through paypal for a refund.
    8. Hi,

      I apologize I haven't been online since before going out of town for Christmas, and was very late in getting things out! Your packages were shipped today though, and I'm working on individual emails right now to you and others! My husband and I decided to split up around the holidays though we tried to keep appearances up through Christmas. I've been crazy busy and stressed with packing things up for my daughter and I to move this weekend, but we just agreed to stay here while he goes into a support group and therapy, so I now have to unpack all of our things and get my home back into order. Sorry if this is tmi, I just want you to know I haven't been purposely blowing off going to the post office or getting online, my head is just all over the place right now. I really apologize for the delay!!


    9. No problem. I understand. I was worried that something might of happen to you. I'm glad that you are okay and I hope your family situation gets better. Thank you for letting us know. I'll be sure to let you know when your package arrives.
    10. MorganOrton did pm me to let me know the outfit was mailed today. I appreciate the quick response from her. I did send her an email last night and she did responded after that. I will post when my items arrive.
    11. MorganOrton contacted me yesterday and informed me that my item has shipped. I will post to this thread once my items arrive.
    12. I am still waiting on a reply from MorganOrton concerning a shirt that was to be mailed on 12/13.
    13. Here's to hoping my package is in the mail today!
    14. Did she answer your Pm? I have heard not a word.
    15. I haven't heard anything regarding the items I bought. Nothing in the mail either and it's been almost 3 weeks since the transaction.
    16. Adding my name to this list. I bought a wig from MorganOrton which was supposed to have been shipped on Dec. 13. Then I was told it was shipped on Dec. 21. With Christmas, I forgot about the wig until I received probably the same pm everyone else did. I was told the wig had been shipped on Dec. 30 but it still hasn't arrived. Even with the New Year's postal holiday, I think it would be here by now.
    17. Adding my name as well now. I purchased a doll outfit over three weeks ago and have been given several different shipping dates. I only live about three hours from her so I know it should have been here by now. I did send Morganton another message yesterday morning asking for a DC# but haven't heard back from her.
    18. I have received nothing. I will be PM'ing her to let her know that she has one more week to give me a delivery confirmation number, or a refund. I won't be letting it go longer than the PayPal refund time period. The item was supposedly shipped a week ago, and should've arrived earlier this week. I'm not angry, I just don't want to let this get out of hand. The message she posted here on the thread is the EXACT PM I got minus the fact that she exchanged the "shipping everyone's items" to "shipping your package" in my PM. I'm getting a little nervous to be honest. I haven't had a problem transaction yet, and I don't plan on letting this go down that road.
    19. PiaPol, That is the exact same message I got. I just feel there is no reason for the package to not have shown up by now. I did open a PP claim just to be on the safe side. I haven't escalated it and by chance my item does shows up I will of course drop the claim.
    20. I never received a message at all, so I finally decided to open a PP claim. I have very little faith that any of us will actually receive what we purchased.