Paging Moulin - RESOLVED

Feb 3, 2009

    1. Hi!

      Just trying to get ahold of Moulin,

      My R.Onyx Head has been on Layaway for a very long time now, and I realize part of it was my fault with moving RL during it, I have tried to give you plenty of leniancy time on paying.
      I really would like to finish this transaction which has dwindled for months -

      I have messaged Moulin repeatedly this past week via email and PM because I both need the money and *really* need to finalise this.

      I was hoping they would respond for so long now because I do not want this to backfire and end up with spiteful feedback for me, but this appears to be the right thing to do!

      I shall be forced to repost her on the marketplace if I do not hear something by Friday this week arranging for final payment, I believe this is sufficient notice and time as he is -quite- overdue on the payment, and I did say it was a non-refundable deposit for such a reason.
    2. I have left them a message a day and have given them to the deadline of Friday, midnight GMT to respond or forfeit.
      They have not logged on since the 30th, and had not responded to my messages prior to then either.
      I am sorry to do this, as I believe you truely did want her.
    3. Moulin logged on today at 10 for the first time since the 30th. With no response to any of my many PMs and emails I have decided to repost the head for sale and consider it as forfeit, I would suppose this is now resolved as I have given up on continuing our sale.
    4. They logged on and sent the payment at about 11:30.
      24 Oct. 2008 is the date she sent the first payment, it was meant to be a 2 week-1 month layaway ( I forget which) but either way it's 4-5 months later and she has still not replied to one of my PMs on why. I've sent a final PM requesting her at least respond to explain why or I will refund her final payment and continue with the sale.
      It's not an issue of the time or delay, although 4+ months is excessive, it's the lack of communication.
    5. This is the first time I have been online since Jan 30th so this is the first time I have seen ANY of your repeated messagings. I have not had internet access during this time. I had responded to your previous messages.

      Yes this head has been on layaway for ages, We agreed to a 2 part layaway, half immediately and half the following month, if I remember correctly. I paid the first part promptly as agreed in October 2008. When the time came to pay the second part and find out shipping costs Nyalee said the head was packed and she was moving so there would be a delay in discovering shipping charges. I waited.

      She had mentioned it would be about $25 shipping when I initially enquired. When I asked how much I owed for the second and final payment I was then quoted $40 for shipping a heads to the UK. Having been shipped a head from the US for $22 and a full MSD for $16 I asked if there were any cheaper options. Nyalee said she had trouble getting to the PO to find out as she had no car and was in a new town and it might take a bit of time to find out. I didn't set a time limit to hear back from her as I thought she had enough on her plate settling in.

      I was still waiting to find out if there was a cheaper than $40 shipping option when Nyalee PMed me to say there was a family situation and could we wait till the New Year to finish the sale or she'd refund me in full. By this time I'd bought a body for this head and didn't want to back out of a buy especially when the seller seemed to be going through a hard time so I said I'd wait. I thought the last thing she needed was to have to fork out a refund when she was worried about a family member.

      Nyalee must have known she was moving when she put the head up for sale but this was not mentioned in the listing. She could have made sure that the head was kept separate from her other stuff and ready to be shipped but she didn't. Her initial estimate of the shipping cost was nearly half what I was then asked for. Then when I again tried to pay there was a family situation and I now wish I had taken a refund when it was offered and not worried about letting her down at a difficult time, not only to have avoided a Paging thread but because now I wonder if I will bond with my Onyx after this.

      I understand that posting a paging notice is part of DoA if a sale or swap doesn't go smoothly but after the tone and friendly nature of my PMs with Nyalee and my willingness to wait when she wanted a delay, I am deeply offended and hurt that she says she's only been waiting because she was afraid I would leave her "spiteful feedback."

      If the Mods care to go through all of my communications with Nyalee to see if there is ANY indication at all that I threatened negative or spiteful feedback in any way, they are most welcome. I'll hold up my hand to being late at times, I'm not the most organized of people, but I seriously resent the implication that I would be spiteful.

      Her payment has already been sent via Paypal.
    6. Hi Moulin, I appreciate your response.
      I realize my past few months have been rocky, my move was short notice, actually I was only notified about 3 days beforehand that I needed to go, it was really unavoidable. The head was packed seperately, but I do not have a car, and the post office is about 30 minutes away.
      In December, yes I did have a family issue, I was flown back to San Diego and was there between the 3rd of Dec-2nd of Janurary due to my grandmother dying, this was part of my trying to be leniant.
      I will be asking again about the head shipping, if it does end up being less, as I have always said, I will refund the shipping difference.
      My reason for waiting was not because of spiteful feedback, I am sorry if I made it sound that way, but it was a concern. I have had a lot of really unexpected, and quite unavoidable issues RL which have left me unable to get to the business as I need to, including my RL business.
      It was not a 'you' specific thing, but it's quite common for eBay or other commerce websites that people do leave spiteful feedback if you pressure them, and you are a very very kind and understanding lady, I would never imply otherwise, I have quite enjoyed our brief communication but I do not know you, and you me, so it's a chance everyone will take.

      I am happy to hear back from you, I should be able to post your head within the next week or so, I am waiting on boxes to arrive for me to make one big postal trip as I have a few other packages to mail.

      So for anyone reading this for reference to Moulin personally, she's a very nice person to deal with, it's just a lot of RL issues we both seem to have had, and misunderstandings on both parts, and I would hope you do not consider this a deterrant for taking part of transactions with her.
      It would seem we both have the terrible inconveniance of being unorganized!

      I consider this closed but at the moderators discretion they may keep it open until the box is recieved.