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Paging Moulin - RESOLVED

Jan 20, 2010

    1. Moulin is in the middle of a transaction with me to buy my real skin Akando. She paid a deposit on 4th December and the balance is now due.

      Now, I have been PMing Moulin repeatedly about aspects of the transaction (she wanted to add some clothes to my Iplehouse order). I have also PMd and emailed her about the doll now being ready to ship. I have heard nothing back from any of this. In fact, my last contact from her was on 9th December. She has not been on the forum since 14th December.

      Having already paid for the replacement doll and, now being out of pocket, I do need payment promptly. I am therefore proposing to give Moulin a fortnight in which to pay the balance and then I will have to refund her deposit and offer the doll to the next person on the list (there was a lot of interest in buying him and I really want to be fair to everyone here).

      So, Moulin, please get in contact with me before 3rd Feburary.

    2. Moulin was last on the forum 14DEC. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Moulin has now got in contact with me. Hopefully the transaction wil now be completed and this thread can be closed. I will keep you updated.
    4. Moulin has now paid the balance and this thread can now be closed.

      Thanks very much.